The Discipline of Physiology pursues knowledge about the normal and abnormal function of the body. Most of the laboratories can be found in the Anderson Stuart Building, on the Camperdown campus of The University of Sydney, and are part of the Bosch Institute. To the left are links to each of the laboratories, which are organised by the general theme of their research.

Research seminars

Jointly presented by the Disciplines of Physiology and Anatomy & Histology, School of Medical Sciences as part of the Bosch Institute Seminar Program.

1pm Aug 29 2016 -- Anderson Stuart Building, Room N248
Neural plasticity after chronic lesions of the primary visual cortex in adult marmoset monkeys
Dr Leo Lui
Monash University

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Research resources

  • Advanced Microscopy Facility (including multiphoton, confocal and deconvolution microscopes)
  • Rodent behavioural testing facility
  • Molecular biology facility

For more information about the above see Bosch Institute Facilities

Research publications

Please refer to our searchable database of research publications or see individual research laboratories.