Research Laboratories

 Circulation and respiration                  
 Muscle cell Function  Lab webpage David Allen
 Cardiovascular neuroscience  Lab webpage Roger Dampney
 Basic and Clinical Genomics  Lab webpage Brian Morris
Cancer, cell biology and development    
Andrology Research Group Lab webpage    Steve Assinder
Epithelial Transport Lab webpage David Cook
Developmental Physiology Lab webpage Margot Day
Molecular Embyology Lab webpage Stuart Fraser
Lipid Metabolism Laboratory Lab webpage Andrew Hoy
Developmental Neurobiology   Cathy Leamey
Vitamin D, Bone and Skin Lab webpage Rebecca Mason
Environmental Control of Physiology   Bronwyn McAllan
Embyronic Stem Cells   Michael Morris
Developmental & Cancer Biology Lab webpage Matthew Naylor
Human Reproduction   Chris O'Neill
Nervous system, senses and movement      
Muscle Cell Function Lab webpage
David Allen            
Neurobiology Lab webpage Max Bennett
Auditory Neuroscience Lab webpage Simon Carlile
Cardiovascular Neuroscience Lab webpage Roger Dampney
Developmental Neurobiology   Cathy Leamey
Molecular Neuroscience Lab webpage  Bill Phillips
Vision Lab webpage Dario Protti
Systems Neuroscience Lab webpage Atomu Sawatari
Vision and Cognition Lab webpage Sam Solomon
Retinal and Cerebral Neurobiology   Jonathan Stone
International Research      
International Research Networks Laboratory Lab webpage
John Hearn