Current Student Projects

Laboratory Candidate Project
Assinder Laboratory Nicole Tom
Oxytocin Signalling and Inhibition of Hormone Refractory Prostate Cancer.
  Mohammad Ghalayini
AKT, PTEN and TGF-beta pathway integration in prostate cancer.
Carlile Laboratory
Joel Cooper  
  Kirsty Gardner-Berry
  Jorge Patricio

Cook Laboratory

Sung Hee Song  
  Sarah Dalati  
Leamey Laboratory
Kelly Glendining Elucidating the Molecular Mechanisms of the Ten-m3 KO phenotype.
  Heidi Tran
  Tim Young
Molecular determinants of retinal mapping in the developing visual system.
Mason Laboratory
Melissa Barron
Functional studies on normal and abnormal human bone cells.
  Vanessa Sequeira Molecular mechanisms of photoprotection by vitamin D.
  Wannit Tongkao-on
Morris Laboratory
Francine Coelho-Marques  
Protti Laboratory
Terrance Middleton
  Craig Vonhoff
Modulation of scotopic signalling in the mammalian retina
Sawatari Laboratory
Michael Bourke
  Hyunchul Lee
Functional connectivity of corticostriatal circuits.
  Angela O'Connor
Stone Laboratory
Charith Nandasena
Impact of neuroprotectants on behavioral and cognitive loss in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases assessed in the mouse.
Goetz Laboratory
Fabien Delarue
  Philip Gladbach
Snyder Laboratory
Richard Po-Hung Lee