General Information

There are a wide range of possible sources of financial support for students to postgraduate researchers alike. Potential supervisors should be contacted to discuss specific opportunities.

Please visit the University of Sydney's web site to find out more.

Summer Vacation Scholarships

The Discipline of Physiology offers summer vacation scholarships (value $1,000) for students who complete an 8 week period of research during the summer vacation and subsequently enrol in Honours and hold no other scholarship.

The Discipline has a long research tradition and several of its laboratories are at the forefront of international biomedical research. Honours projects are available in a range of research areas, including; neuroscience, the heart and circulation, muscle function, reproduction, endocrinology and functional and clinical genomics. There is a strong emphasis on molecular and cellular aspects of body function.

Closing Date for the Summer Vacation Scholarships: Second Monday in January

For further information please contact:

Honours Coordinator: Dr Stephen Assinder

Student Liaison Officer: Louise Harrison

Conference Support

The Discipline of Physiology will contribute $100 towards expenses for those students presenting a paper at a national or international conference. The limit is three conferences per annum.

If you believe you are eligible please ask your Supervisor to confirm this by emailing the . Receipts will be required in order to claim the $100.