Organisational structure

The PMRI Board

The research and educational work of PMRI is supported by a community based foundation “PMRI Limited”. This is a tax exempt body of community leaders charged with raising funds for the work of PMRI. The current PMRI Board is composed as follows:

  • Brian H. Davidson LLB FAICD
  • Christine Beard
    Chairman of the AHB Shareholders Board (A H Beard Pty Ltd)
  • Clinical A/Prof. Charles Brooker MBChB, MRCP, FANZCA, FFPMANZCA
    Head of Department of Pain Management, Royal North Shore Hospital
  • Prof. Michael J. Cousins AO, MBBS MDDSc FANZCA FRCA
    Professor and Former Head of Dept of Anaesthesia and Pain Management, Royal North Shore Hospital
  • Russell Debney
    Lawyer (SAB), Fellow Institute of Managers and Leaders
    Chair of Pain Medicine, The University of Sydney and Director
  • Paul Hotz
  • Warren McLeland BSc(Hons), MBA
  • Dr. Sharron Phillipson BMed, FRACGP, FACAM, DCH, Dip Paed, Dip ABLS, DPD
  • Liz Rowell BA(Hons), Business Management Cert (AIM)
  • Nigel A.D. Stewart FAICD, FFin, FFPA, GDipAppFin
    Chairman APW Partners
  • Miles Hedge
    Company Secretary

The PMRI Structure

The PMRI Research and Educational work is supported by competitive research grants and also by funds raised by PMRI Limited. The Board of PMRI Limited provides significant legal, accounting and business support to the work of PMRI, in addition to raising funds.

Within the PMRI, Professor Paul Glare acts as overall Director of all of the research and educational programs. Professor Michael Nicholas acts as Director of the Educational Program and Clinical A/Prof. Charles Brooker is Director of the Clinical Treatment Program.

An Executive, composed of the leaders of each research group meets on a regular basis to review the overall strategy of PMRI and to monitor progress of research. Resources are also allocated by this group.