Visiting Scholars' Program

The Visiting Scholars’ Program is a free monthly event providing the perfect opportunity to hear from national and international experts in the field of pain.

These events are held in the Kolling Building at Royal North Shore Hospital in St Leonards, Sydney.


This is a free event open to anyone with an interest in learning about pain.

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Emerging Research

  • Stem Cells in the Treatment of Osteoarthritis and Chronic Pain
    Elisabeth Karsten, Macquarie University and Kolling Institute
  • Conditioned Pain Modulation and Chronic Pain
    Rosemary Chakiath, PMRI and University of Sydney
  • Functional Brain Reorganisation in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
    Dr Flavia Di Pietro, Neural Imaging Laboratory, Sydney Medical School, Neuroscience Research Australia, UNSW
Chaired By Professor Philip Siddall
Date Wednesday 11th February 2015
Time 4.00-5.00pm
Venue Auditorium, Kolling Building, Royal North Shore Hospital, St Leonards
Refreshments Provided By Turners Crossing Vineyards Bendigo and Friends of PMRI
Elisabeth Karsten.


Elisabeth Karsten is a PhD candidate in Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences at Macquarie University. She completed first class Honours at UNSW in 2012 and was awarded a Macquarie University Excellence Scholarship (MQRES) to begin her PhD in 2013. Her current project investigates the application of adipose-derived stem cells in the treatment of osteoarthritis and chronic pain and in the identification of disease specific biomarkers.

Rosemary Chakiath.

Rosemary Chakiath is a final year PhD candidate with a background in neuroscience and psychology. She completed a Master of Science in 2011 at the University of Auckland before moving to Sydney in 2012. She initially worked at the Pain Management Research Institute as an RA in the sensory pain neurophysiology team before being awarded an APA scholarship to commence her PhD in 2013. The focus of her work looks at investigating central nervous system mechanisms in Irritable Bowel Syndrome and chronic low back pain.

Flavia Di Pietro.

Dr Flavia Di Pietro completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy with Honours in 2008. She quickly developed an interest in pain, and moved to Sydney to commence her PhD in mid-2010 at Neuroscience Research Australia and UNSW. Her PhD investigated cortical representation of the chronically painful limb in complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), using functional MRI. Flavia now works at the University of Sydney, investigating the mechanisms underlying altered brain rhythms in chronic neuropathic pain. She was awarded an NHMRC Early Career Fellowship in October 2014.