Postgraduate Studies - Mode of Delivery

Program Delivery

  • All of our units of study (core and electives) are taught in distance mode, and are completed entirely online using the University's Learning Management System Blackboard.
  • An optional 2-week face-to-face Pain Management Multidisciplinary Workshop, which provides an overview of the course content, is available at the beginning of each year. Enrolled students can access this workshop at a reduced cost.

Unit Study Materials

  • Study guides with lecture notes are available, either to be read on screen or printed by students for private use.
  • Quizzes, online discussion groups and selected readings from relevant journals and textbooks are also provided.

Our Facilitators

Our units are facilitated online by a team of local and international academic clinicians and researchers including neuroscientists, anaesthetists, pharmacologists, oral surgeons, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, physiotherapists and research personnel, all widely experienced in pain management.