Postgraduate studies - Units of study

Core units

Introduction to Pain Management: PAIN5001
Aim: To introduce participants to the problem of pain within a multidisciplinary team framework and the extent of the problem in the community. The unit provides an overview of historical and philosophical models of pain and its management methods over time. Current classifications of pain are examined and the interrelationship between various paradigms of health and illness are outlined. Participants also begin to consider the principles of research design and biostatistics, and explore professional and ethical issues.

Pain Mechanisms and Contributors: PAIN5002
Aim: To introduce and develop participants’ understanding about the basic neuroscience of pain and the interrelationship between psychological, physiological and environmental processes in pain. Neuro-anatomical, physiological, pharmacological, and biochemical mechanisms involved in nociception, including peripheral and central sensitisation. Theoretical bases are introduced, including the Gate Control Theory (Melzack and Wall), and the ways in which psychological and environmental factors modify or maintain pain perception and behaviour.

Principles of Pain Treatment and Management: PAIN5003
Aim: To introduce participants to the core principles of pain assessment, treatment and management. Participants consider the biopsychosocial model and the scientific basis for assessment, diagnosis and treatment. They explore principles of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, together with routes of drug administration. The role of physiotherapy and rehabilitation management, and the use of procedures such as neural blockade, stimulation techniques and surgery are also considered.

Pain Conditions: PAIN5004
Aim: The unit provides an introduction to a range of pain conditions. Participants are encouraged to integrate and apply previous learning to specific pain problems, acute and chronic. Recent advances in pain relief techniques are introduced and specific issues in the management of pain in children and the elderly are considered.

Elective units

Pain in the Elderly: PAIN5019
Pain in Children: PAIN5018
Cancer Pain: PAIN5014
Concepts of Pain: PAIN5012
Musculoskeletal Pain: PAIN5013
Psychological Approaches in Pain Management: PAIN5016
Disability and Pain Rehabilitation: PAIN5017
Orofacial Pain: PAIN5005
Neurobiology of Pain: PAIN5010
Pharmacology of Pain: PAIN5015
Psychology of Pain: PAIN5011
Independent Studies in Pain: PAIN5006
Complementary Therapies in Pain Management: PAIN5020

Units of study appearing above are in the Sydney Medical School Handbook. Look for the unit number code.