News and events - 2009

2009 Seminars

The seminar program features clinical and basic science research from investigators at PMRI, and guests from Australia and overseas.

Seminars are held in the Pain Management Conference Room on Level 9 Main block Royal North Shore Hospital
on Thursdays as advised.

Date Time Speaker Title
19-Nov-09 4pm Prof Peter Cistulli Sleep and persistent pain
15-Oct-09 4pm Dr Stuart Mazzone Insights into the sensory biology of coughing
1-Oct-09 4pm Ms Shelley Forrest Central plasticity of primary afferent neurons after peripheral nerve injury
17-Sep-09 4pm Dr Brett Graham The functional properties of interneurons in the superficial dorsal horn of the spinal cord
Prof Gin Mahli "Depression and persistent pain"
Ms Clare Dominick Patterns on chronic pain in New Zealand: psychosocial factors associated with or influencing the development and maintenance of chronic pain
20-Aug-09 4pm Dr Karl Ng Nerve excitability studies in the present era: observations in peripheral and central nervous disorders
4-Jun-09 4pm Dr Geoff Lambert Central pain sensitization in migraine by inhibition of the pain control system
21-May-09 4pm Assoc Prof Jill Cook Understanding tendon pain: the holy grail of tendon research
16-Apr-09 4pm Prof Ian Gibbins Painful connections: unmyelinated afferents and the organisation of the spinal dorsal horn
19-Mar-09 4pm Dr Paul Wrigley The PMRI is hosting the Pain Medicine Specialist exams in November: what IMPACT will this have?
5-Mar-09 4pm Dr Michelle Vincler Targeting the α9α10 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor for the treatment of chronic pain
19-Feb-09 4pm Prof Vaughan Macefield The effects of deep and superficial pain on the autonomic and somatic nervous systems