Making an appointment

Who can write the referral?

Referrals may be made either by the patient’s General Practitioner or Specialist.

What information should the referral contain?

It is vital that referrals include as much information as possible about current and previous consultations. Wherever possible, the referral should include copies of previous specialists report, imaging reports such as x-rays, scans, or any other imaging or diagnostic datum.

Rehabilitation co-ordinators or workers compensation insurers or other agencies wishing to refer patients should discuss it with the patient’s doctor who should make the referral.

Who should the referral be addressed to?

Referrals should be addressed specifically to one of the Pain Medicine Specialists of the Centre.

  • Professor Michael Cousins
  • Dr. Charles Brooker
  • Dr. Allan Molloy
  • Dr. Paul Wrigley
  • Dr. Lewis Holford
  • Dr. Rebecca Martin
  • Dr. Nathan Taylor
  • Professor Chris Peck - orofacial pain
  • Dr. Sally Preston - rheumatological orientation

Where should the referral be sent?

Referrals should be sent to:

Pain Management & Research Centre
Royal North Shore Hospital
St Leonards  NSW  2065

Phone: 02 9463-1500
Fax: 02 9463-1050

What happens once the referral is received?

As soon as a referral is received, the patient will be sent a questionnaire which should be returned as rapidly as possible so that we can expedite an early appointment.