Clinical training

PMRC has a structured clinical training program suitable for medical specialist trainees preparing for the Fellowship examination of the Faculty of Pain Medicine ANZCA.

The program includes training in:

  • outpatient and inpatient consulting;
  • diagnostic and therapeutic neural blockade;
  • implantation of drug delivery systems and spinal/peripheral nerve stimulation systems;
  • pharmacotherapy of pain;
  • cognitive behavioural programs.

PMRC has one hospital funded position (in 2013 it will be two). Over the years Fellows from 20 different countries have been trained via non-funded positions available to external trainees. Such trainees must bring their own salary and additional expense support with them.

The department also provides post-graduate supervision in pain management for clinical psychology trainees, physiotherapy and nursing trainees and dentists.

For general enquiries, please contact:
Professor Michael Cousins:

For psychology enquiries, please contact:
Professor Michael Nicholas:

For physiotherapy enquiries, please contact:
Ms Lois Tonkin (Senior Physiotherapist):