Opportunities are available to engage in research for honours or doctoral projects. Initial enquiries should be made to the Head of Discipline of Psychiatry.

Affective Disorders

The Discipline has a strong tradition of research into mood disorders. Professor Gin Malhi at Sydney Medical School - Northern based at Royal North Shore Hospital along with Dr Lisa Lampe run the CADE Clinic that investigates patients with depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety. Professor Ian Hickie at the Brain Mind Research Institute (BMRI) and Professor Philip Boyce at Sydney Medical School - Westmead also conduct research in mood disorders in particular major depression of peri-natal depression.

Perinatal Research

Professor Philip Boyce at Sydney Medical School - Westmead has a research interest in the psychosocial aspects of mother-infant mental health, especially postnatal depression and infant development.

Anxiety Disorders

Associate Professor Vladan Starcevic, based at Sydney Medical School - Nepean, conducts research into anxiety disorders along with Dr Bill Brakoulias. Dr Lisa Lampe, based at Sydney Medical School - Northern, conducts research into social anxiety disorder and avoidant personality disorder.


Professor Gin Malhi, based at Sydney Medical School - Northern, has a dedicated research facility (ARCHI) that is used to conduct neuroimaging studies in neuropsychiatry.

Professor Lea Williams, Professor of Cognitive Neuropsychiatry at Sydney Medical School - Western, conducts research in the areas of cognitive neuroscience and psychiatric disorders including brain injury technology.

Psychiatry of Old Age

Clinical Professor John Snowdon conducts research on depression in old age.

Psychopharmacology / or Drug and Alcohol Research

Dr Glenn Hunt runs a psychopharmacology laboratory at Concord Hospital and is interested in the effects of drugs of abuse on brain function. Associate Professor Renee Bittoun runs a smoking research unit involved in nicotine addiction and its treatment.

Rural Health

Research is being undertaken in isolated rural communities assessing the efficacy of psychiatric education, delivered by visiting psychiatrists to health care staff.

PhD Program

A program for our PhD students, covering the basic tools for psychiatric research is now in place.