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Current Research Projects

Current projects in Medical Education and Teaching involving members of the Discipline are listed below.


The role of personality and temperament in students' initial intention and subsequent decisions around medical career choice

  • Funding has been received from Medical Schools Outcomes Database (MSOD) and Longitudinal Tracking Project to examine the link between personality and career intentions.
  • A proposal by the Sydney Medical School researchers above to explore links between personality and choice of specialty was combined with one by A/Prof Jones and colleagues to examine links between personality and choice of rural career into a final successful submission under the leadership of A/Prof Jones.
  • The NEO-FFI and the ACL will be administered as part of the Commencing Medical Students Questionnaire, which includes questions regarding career intentions. A variety of personality and demographic variables will be examined. The team hopes to be able to track career intentions longitudinally to be able to examine other questions such as the timing of career decisions.

Lisa Lampe

Gin Malhi

Carissa Coulston


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