Research Students

The following research students are currently enrolled in the Discipline of Psychiatry.


Primary Supervisor

Proposed Thesis Title

Vicki Giannopolous

Hon. Prof Raj Sitharthan

The Partner Coping Self-Efficacy Scale and its prediction of relapse among substance users at risk of self-harm

Jean Starling

Prof Lea Williams

Early onset psychosis: Risk factors and biological markers

Sloane Madden

Hon. Prof Stephen Touyz

Does inpatient weight restoration prior to outpatient family therapy improve outcomes in adolescent anorexia nervosa?

Michael Bowden

Prof Philip Hazell

Pediatric organ transplantation: Are family functioning and parent psychological symptoms at time of assessment for transplant predictive of child physical health outcomes 12 months following

Prashanth Mayur

A/Prof Anthony Harris

A comparison of clinical and cognitive outcomes in major depression treated with ultra-brief or brief pulse ECT. A double-blind RCT

Michael Kohn

Prof Lea Williams

Anxiety and ADHD

Kathryn Knights

A/Prof Anthony Harris

Mothers with schizophrenia; cognition, symptoms and parenting capacity

Marcello Rodriguez

Prof Philip Boyce

A neuropsychological study of first-time sex offenders over the age of 50: the possible contribution of cognitive deficits in sexual offending

Stephen Hirneth

Prof Philip Hazell

Juvenile bipolar disorder: evaluation of symptom profiles, treatment outcomes, and predictors of treatment effectiveness for clients from a community mental health clinic

Lisa Lampe

Prof Gin Malhi

Social phobia and avoidant personality disorder: categories or dimensions?

Denise Chu

Prof Lea Williams

The effects of early life stress on neurobiological functioning in healthy and clinical PTSD

Karen Raine

Prof Philip Boyce

Mental health care and service needs for very young children in foster and kinship care

Yu Sun BIN

A/Prof Nick Glozier

Sleep in the Australian population

Kaushik Ram

Dr Justine Gatt

The role of connectivity in risk and resilience of mental health: moderation by genetics and environment

Anna Watters

Prof Lea Williams

Emotion processing and risk for depression: An integrative neuroscience approach

Claire Day

Prof Lea Williams

Profiling subtypes of depression: An integration of clinical, cognitive and biological measures

Evelyn Boon

Hon. Prof Stephen Touyz

Body image concerns amongst Singaporeans; Clinical and non-clinical populations

Karen Oakley

Dr Justine Gatt

The genetic and environmental contributors to risk for anxiety: the plasticity of neural networks

Sandra Graovac

A/Prof Anthony Harris

Emotion perception, neural synchrony and functional outcomes in early-onset psychosis