Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine (PAAM) Teaching

PAAM Term Dates

PAAM Rotations are held in Terms B, C, D and E of each year.

Term Start Date End Date  MCQ Exam Date
 Term B  Monday March 17, 2014  Friday May 09, 2014 Thursday May 8, 2014
 Term C  Monday May 19, 2014  Friday July 11, 2014 Thursday July 10, 2014
 Term D  Monday July 21, 2014  Friday September 12, 2014 Thursday September 11, 2014
 Term E  Tuesday October 7, 2014  Friday November 28, 2014 Thursday November 27, 2014

PAAM Website, Assessment and Handbook

PAAM students can access their learning materials on the Sydney Medical Program website (click Stage 3 then Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine): (unikey required)

The PAAM Handbook is available here: (unikey required)

PAAM Assessment requirements are available here: (unikey required)

PAAM Lecture Venue

In 2014, PAAM lectures will be held at the following venue:

Lecture Theatre 1, Concord Clinical School
Concord Hospital
Hospital Rd


IT/Audio-Visual Support

For Audio-visual and IT support when lecturing in Lecture Theatre 1, Concord Clinical School please use the phone next to the lectern.

  • For IT/Audio-visual support call ext.
  • For Video-Conferencing support call on ext.

Using the Lectern and Audiovisual Facilities

To turn the data projector and screens on:

  1. Press the touch screen at the centre of the lectern to activate and control the system.
  2. If the data projector and screen are switched off, it will take about 30 seconds for the screen to lower and for the projector to warm up. To exit the system, simply press EXIT on the touch screen and follow the prompts.
  3. Insert your USB memory stick into the computer.
  4. Locate your PowerPoint presentation and open the file.

When viewing the screens from the audience, the videoconferencing screen will appear on the left-hand screen and the PowerPoint presentation will appear on the right-hand screen. Please do not swap these displays around.

AV Help Guides

Help guides are available here for assistance with using the lecture theatre lecterns and audiovisual facilities: