Dr Justine Gatt

Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Psychiatry, Westmead Clinical School
Brain Dynamics Centre

C24 - Westmead Hospital
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

T: +61 2 9758 7753
F: +61 2 9845 8190

Biographical details

Dr Justine Gatt is an ARC Research Fellow at the Brain Dynamics Centre, Sydney Medical School. Justine's research outcomes to date include over 32 peer-reviewed papers and conference abstracts. Most of these publications are in peer-reviewed international journals, including journals that are leading in their field such as Molecular Psychiatry and Biological Psychiatry. Justine has presented her findings in many national and international conferences including Human Brain Mapping and the Australasian Society for Psychiatric Research. These research outcomes have been recognised by several awards. Justine was awarded the ARC-Linkage Postdoctoral Industry fellowship (2008-2011), the WMI Science Prize (2009, 2010), the Australian Twins Registry travel award (2008) and the Human Brain Mapping Young Investigator award (2006).

Research interests

Dr Justine Gatt's research aims to understand and identify the predictors of risk and resilience for mental health in twins. Her research is innovative as it incorporates an integrative approach with a focus on various markers including genetic variants, environment, brain function and behavior. Ultimately, Justine hopes to identify effective intervention strategies that optimize wellbeing and prevent the onset of mental illness in the general population.