Publications list for Dr Stacey Kuan

2009 | 2008


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  • Joffe, R., Gatt, J., Kemp, A., Grieve, S., Dobson-Stone, C., Kuan, S., Schofield, P., Gordon, E., Williams, L. (2009), Brain derived neurotrophic factor Val66Met polymorphism, the five factor model of personality and hippocampal volume: Implications for depressive illness. Human brain mapping. 30(4), 1246-56. [Abstract]
  • Schofield, P., Williams, L., Paul, R., Gatt, J., Brown, K., Luty, A., Cooper, N., Grieve, S., Dobson-Stone, C., Kuan, S., Gordon, E. (2009), Disturbances in selective information processing associated with the BDNF Val66Met polymorphism: Evidence from cognition, the P300 and fronto-hippocampal systems. Biological psychology. 80(0), 176-88. [Abstract]


  • Gatt, J., Kuan, S., Dobson-Stone, C., Paul, R., Joffe, R., Kemp, A., Gordon, E., Schofield, P., Williams, L. (2008), Association between BDNF Val66Met polymorphism and trait depression is mediated via resting EEG alpha band activity. Biological psychology. 79(2), 275-84. [Abstract]