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Crikey - the daily news and commentary site, often with health content

Croakey - Crikey's health and medical blog

Health News Review. US site which "grades" the quality of news reports about drugs, vaccines, medical interventions. See also the Australian equivalent Media Doctor and the Canadian one.

Healthy Skepticism Countering misleading drug promotion

A large list of health and medical media and advocacy research reports (not updated since about 2002)

Health media and Low and Middle Income Nations: a selection of sites

The Communication Initiative Network is an online community connecting people and organisations who use or support communication as part of development and change. Produces a huge array of web resources, electronic publications, online research and discussion forums in English and Spanish, with global, South American and Spanish foci.

Media for Development - a UK-based NGO that uses media to 'reach, engage and empower' isolated communities, and has worked in over 30 countries.

Panos London is part of the global Panos Network which promotes participation in debates about international development by the poor and marginalised through media and communications projects, and works for the more effective use of information 'to foster debate, pluralism and democracy'.

South Africa's Soul City

International Broadcasting Trust's report on how audiences make sense of international media content and how the wider world is portrayed by television, radio and online news.


Media & Health Journals

Health Communication

Health, Risk and Society

Journal of Health Communication