Obesity prevention for school children - reports

The NSW Schools Physical Activity and Nutrition Survey (SPANS) 2004

There are three related reports:

  • SPANS Short Report (An easy to read version mainly for teachers, parents and young people) View PDF
  • SPANS Summary Report (A snapshot of the results mainly for policy makers and professionals who work in the field) View PDF
  • SPANS Full Report (A full technical report aimed at academics and researchers)
SPANS Short Report cover
SPANS Summary Report cover
SPANS Full Report cover

The SPANS Full Report document has been broken down into chapters as PDF files for faster download times.

Front Cover
Executive Summary
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Methods in Brief
Chapter 3 - Response rates and description of the samples
Chapter 4 - Overweight and obesity
Chapter 5 - Self-reported Physical Activity
Chapter 6 - Sedentary behaviours
Chapter 7 - Travel to and from school
Chapter 8 - Cardiorespiratory fitness
Chapter 9 - Fundamental movement skills
Chapter 10 - Food habits
Chapter 11 - Eating patterns
Chapter 12 - Influences over food and drink choices
Chapter 13 - Food and drink purchasing patterns
Chapter 14 - Markers of chronic disease - The biomarker sub study
Chapter 15 - The school environment
Chapter 16 - Recommendations
Chapter 17 - Methods in full

One Stop Shop to a Healthy School Environment

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