Health Communication

George - Health communication graduate

Master of Health Communication 2010

"I found about the health communication course through research and postgraduate information evenings held on campus and at the Postgraduate Expo. I was looking for Postgraduate study which was going to allow me to step into a new direction, and to pursue a career which would really open some doors.

I decided to enrol in this course as I believe media relations is an important and expanding function in the modern health care system. As we progress as a nation difficult choices need to be made in how we fund, organise and govern our growing health care expectations. Strategic public relations for health bridges the divide between multiple audiences, allowing communities closer to policy settings through effective advocacy. In a health media role you have great opportunity every day to not only excel in your job and career but to improve opportunities for another persons health and wellbeing.

The course content is exciting and challenging. The book is completely open for you to direct the program in areas you want or need to. Faculty are caring, responsive and pretty good with the challenges of flexible learning. Undertaking coursework with the Media & Communications, Public Health and Health Policy Departments crosses two Faculties and this has been an easy and engaging process for me as a student.

The most challenging aspect of part-time postgraduate study while working full time is finding the scheduling! You know you need to devote 15+ hours every weekend plus any bonus time you get through the week.

Completing an internship at the National Health and Medical Research Council in Canberra this year was a great experience I would not have had the opportunity to do without the University of Sydney.

I am both excited about Corporate Affairs and Strategic Public Relations roles. In the future I would like to extend research in the economic significance of Public Relations. Professionally I hope to build capacity overseas to be able to return to Australasia to implement best practice media management. "