International Public Health

Liz MIPH graduate

Master of International Public Health

"After graduating from the Master of International Public Health, I worked as a Nutrition, Research and Evaluation Officer through the AusAID-funded Australian Volunteers for International Development Program. During this time I was involved with the IFAD Small Fish and Nutrition Project implemented by Worldfish in Bangladesh.
This program aimed to increase the availability and consumption of nutrient-rich fish and increase awareness of the importance of fish and improved micronutrient nutrition."

Olga MIPH student - AusAid recipient

Master of International Public Health student
AusAID scholarship recipient

"I first heard about this program through AusAid who awarded me a scholarship to study. I have a social science background and recently worked in the area of mental health and psychosocial therapy, I decided to enrol in the MIPH because my work experience had exposed me to a range of public health projects which provided services to communities – particularly rural and at risk populations.
The MIPH is ideal if you (like me) have a passion for community work. It has, and will continue to, empower me in terms of attaining a wide range of skills in analytical and critical thinking, decision making, problem solving, how to interpret and analyze work-related concerns through a cost – benefit analysis, how to relate with community, effective communication and presentation skills, and re-enforce personal maturity, to mention a few.
My future plan is to go into project planning and management with emphasis on public health advocacy, public relations and information sharing, monitoring and evaluation, and also participating in research agendas to inform management and policy on service delivery activities.
My overall goal is to contribute to the development of my country Uganda."


Master of International Public Health

"I love the content covered in the course - everything from primary health care to climate change; all the updates about communicable diseases to non-communicable diseases as well as basics about epidemiology and biostatistics.
I think the highlight so far is the international community in the course. We have colleagues from different countries with different backgrounds, ages and experiences. It’s really enjoyable and a great opportunity to make friends from all over the world. I have learned a lot just from listening to the experiences/thoughts/learning of others.
I took study leave from my job at UNICEF in Nepal to study the MIPH here in Sydney.
I’m really passionate about my work and want to continue to work to improve the health status of women and children in my country and with the knowledge and skills that I've learned in this course, I am more determined than ever."

Mathew MIPH - Asia Development Bank Scholarship recipient

Master of International Public Health
Asia Development Bank Scholarship recipient

"I started the Master of International Public Health to contribute to the public health and the strengthening of the health system in my country of Papua New Guinea. I think the course is very relevant and enriching. The teaching staff are fantastic and very knowledgeable and specialist in their own fields. I’ve learned a lot of things in public health and medicine which I used to take for granted.
Getting back to the study life after working has been a challenge. There are lots of articles we are expected to read and I had to learn how to do literature searches on up-to-date data.
For me the most enjoyable part has been learning about how international public health is organised and the different bodies that are involved and how their priorities effects people’s health and economies in different countries.
I feel this course will enrich my knowledge of how to be critical about all aspects of public health, from appraising research papers and study designs to designing surveys on disease priorities in developing countries."

Monica MIPH - an Ausaid recipient

Master of International Public Health
AusAid Scholarship recipient

“I received an AusAid Scholarship to come to study in Australia from my home country Uganda and began the Master of International Public Health (MIPH) in March 2010.
The MIPH course content is broad, evidence-based and addresses different career backgrounds. It’s also up-to-date and relevant to both developed and developing country settings. Our Sydney University lecturers and visiting lecturers are leaders in their fields, have vast international experience in public health related issues and are passionate about public health.
I think the course will equip me with management, leadership, needs assessment and team working skills - which I hope to use to improve myself and other people.
It’s so enriching studying in an environment of diverse cultures, career background and experiences. I’m certainly learning time management – there’s a heap to learn in such a short time!”

Angel - MIPH Asia Development Bank Scholarship

Master of International Public Health 2009

"The University of Sydney’s Masters of International Public Health (MIPH) programme under the Asian Development Bank – Japan Scholarship Program (ADBJSP) in effect has given me a remarkable opportunity to positively contribute to sustainable human development not just in my country - the Philippines, but much so the developing world. Leaving the confines and comforts of home, I embarked on this great journey for higher knowledge; within an academic institution that not only maintains the highest of standards for experiential learning, but more importantly an environment that thrives on the rich cultural diversity of its student body.
The MIPH gave me a better understanding of development work, the global health politics, and the socio-economic inter-linkages embedded within. It has otherwise opened new doors for me as a public health practitioner. A lot of the learnings from the units I took during the course came in very handy in doing public health work in the field.
The MIPH experience in the University of Sydney thrives on its diverse student body alongside the beautiful city landscape; making friends from all over the world, barbeque at the park, the MIPH cultural night, the Sydney harbour cruise, O-week…hey, even tutorial nights are enjoyable!"


Master of Inernational Public Health 2008

"After graduating from the MIPH (Hons) I undertook an internship at the WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific in Manila., Philippines. This internship, together with influenza research experience gleaned during my MIPH Honours dissertation, resulted in further work as a consultant for season influenza epidemiology in the Asia-Pacific. I then commenced a one-year assignment in WHO’s Vietnam office as an Australian Youth Ambassador for Development. As the only veterinarian within our office, I am responsible for the zoonotic diseases program for Vietnam. (Zoonotic diseases are those diseases which can be transmitted from animals to humans). An area in which I have particularly focussed is rabies policy development, research, and advocacy. I collaborate with both human health and animal health sectors within the government, promoting the concept of intersectoral collaboration for zoonotic disease prevention and control. The epidemiology and biostatistics subjects of the MIPH have been very useful in my work."

Master of International Public Health 2007

"I graduated from the MIPH Program in 2007 - I worked in Melbourne for a couple years in HIV Nursing and Infectious Diseases Clinical Research. I am now back in the US working for a small non-profit doing maternal child health ( More specifically, I coordinate on a Program that addresses Infant Mortality in the St. Louis region and work with a large number of health care providers to make systematic improvements in maternal health.
I truly enjoyed the MIPH Program and am able to draw on knowledge gained from the Program every day. There are enormous health disparities in the US, and although I grew up here, I think completing the MIPH Program helped me to truly "see" and understand what this means in terms of Public Health. Some impoverished areas of my own hometown parallel working in a developing country setting - low-resource, lack of infrastructure, high violence, high rates of infection and chronic disease, etc.
I hope to continue my studies in the next year or so, and commend the MIPH Program and Faculty for providing such a strong foundation in my understanding of Public Health, no matter what the setting."


Master of International Public Health 2006

“I am currently the director of the division of non-communicable diseases in the Ministry of Health in Kenya. I was appointed to this post immediately after I returned from Australia after completing my Masters of International Public Health (MIPH). This job involves the coordination and supervision of all activities for the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases in the health sector. My work entails programme planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation at national level. It also involves ensuring that the country fulfils its international obligations on matters of prevention and control of non-communicable diseases such as health treaties and international health regulations. Some of the successes I have brought to the country include comprehensive tobacco control and initiation of national diabetes control programmes among others.
The MIPH programme was like an eye-opener for me. It assisted me to look at everything in a different perspective. It gave me the confidence to take on bigger challenges than I would have dared before the training. It therefore prepared me for my new job and the successes I have recorded so far are due to what I achieved at the University of Sydney when I did the Masters of International Public Health course.
My future plans are to further my education by studying for a doctor of philosophy in public health (PhD) if I get the opportunity. I am looking forward for a scholarship to facilitate me to do this in future. I hope to venture into teaching Public Health at the University later on.”

Yang Xinyu

Master of International Public Health Honours, 2006

“After graduation from University of Sydney in 2006, I was recruited by AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), US, which is one of the largest NGO working on AIDS treatment and care globally. I took the position, China Program Coordinator, taking in charge of project management and coordination for AIDS treatment cooperation projects in Shanxi, Xinjiang and Guangxi provinces in China. The purpose of the projects is to build up affordable, sustainable and acceptable AIDS treatment model and improve the quality of lives to people living with HIV/AIDS in China. The main activities in AHF projects are clinical training program, opportunistic infection drug assistance, patient support and care, and education to general population. By the end of Sep, 2008, there were 1000 registered AIDS patients receiving medial service in AHF projects in China. The next step of the projects will extend our services to more provinces and carry out large-scale county level training program towards grass root health care providers. Moreover, AHF has been involved into Country Coordination Mechanism (CCM) in China and has built up collaboration partnership with Global Fund project in China.”


Master of International Public Health
Mental Health Promotion Manager

“I'm now working as a Mental Health Promotion Manager at the Mental Health Association NSW. This is a non-profit charity funded by NSW Health. My work involves activities such as coordinating state-wide public campaigns to increase mental health literacy and delivering workshops and seminars to build workforce capacity to promote positive mental health. The MIPH program helped me make the transition from working with psychology to working in public mental health. The course content opened my eyes completely and I met lecturers and students who were both knowledgeable and supportive of the career path I wanted to take.”


Master of International Public Health

“I graduated from Medicine in 1993 and did Emergency Medicine training. After some medical volunteer work in Southern Sudan and Tanzania I decided to do a part time MIPH at Sydney University. I continued to work overseas during my MIPH; establishing a "Casualty" and "acute medicine" training at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre, Moshi, Tanzania. Currently I am back working as an Emergency Department Staff Specialist at St George Hospital, NSW and find that my MIPH has helped my developing and developed world experiences. I have improved my knowledge in many aspects of health, met contacts from all over the world, and look forward to further overseas work.”


Master of International Public Health 2004

“I'm currently working as an epidemiologist for the World Health Organisation in Papua New Guinea. The MIPH course gave me a good grounding in public health and the epidemiology and biostatistics components were particularly beneficial. I still keep in contact with many of my former classmates who are now living and working all around the world in Spain, Switzerland, Canada, Lesotho, Belize, Democratic Republic of Congo and more.”