Public Health

Cindy talks about getting the job of her dreams in the USA

Master of Public Health (Professional Practice) 2011

“I was originally from a laboratory science background and had a PhD in molecular neuroscience. I discovered I actually had an immense passion for public health, and therefore wanted a career change into this field.

The MPH has given me exactly what I needed as a stepping stone – a solid foundation in epidemiology and biostatistics as well as a good understanding of different public health issues. Upon completion of my degree, I was able to secure my dream job as an Epidemic Intelligence Service officer at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

What I found most amazing about the program, is that you can literally come from any discipline and use this course as a springboard to enter a career in public health. The number of doors that were opened for me after this program was unbelievable. I highly recommend the Master of Public Health program to anyone interested in a career in public health.”


Master of Public Health 2009
Trainee Public Health Officer, NSW Health

"I really enjoyed the Master of Public Health and would highly recommend it to anyone considering a career in public health. The course is taught by people who are leaders in their field, and I was continually inspired by their enthusiasm and experience.
There is a huge range of electives to choose from. I liked it that students are able to choose a ‘specialised pathway’ if they have a particular area of public health they are interested in.

When I started my Masters I didn’t know what area of public health I was most interested in, so I chose to study a broad range of electives – I found this really opened my eyes to the diversity of career paths that exist within the field of public health.
I also liked the flexibility of the schedule. Many units of study can be studied either face-to-face or fully online, or offer evening classes. For this reason, I found it quite easy to fit classes in around my work commitments.

Having the MPH qualification has greatly expanded my career opportunities. After completing my MPH I was employed as an Associate Lecturer at University of Sydney, helping teach some of the subjects from the MPH program. It was very rewarding to directly apply the skills I learned in my MPH.

I am now working with NSW Health as a trainee public health officer. As part of my traineeship I will do placements in a range of areas of public health, such as health promotion and the control of communicable diseases.

My career in public health so far has been very rewarding, interesting and fun.”


MPH 2009
Medical registrar in the public hospital system

"I am thoroughly enjoying the whole experience of the MPH. Studying the course did not feel like work to me as I enjoyed the topics and subjects. I have furthered my understanding of the social determinant of health, explored issues surrounding the development of social policies, learned qualitative and quantitative skills needed for clinical or public health research, and gained an appreciation of the public health approach to optimise health through health promotion and disease prevention. Overall, I have gained a more complete understanding of health and the complementary nature of medicine and public health."


Master of Public Health (Honours) 2008
Project Manager, Australian Centre for Asthma Monitoring (ACAM), Woolcock Institute of Medical Research

"Shortly before enrolling in the course, I had a change in employment which saw me move from being a researcher in a laboratory to a position in a national monitoring centre. I felt that I needed to expand my skill base, particularly in the areas of statistics and epidemiology, and to broaden my knowledge of public health issues such as prevention and taking a population perspective of health. Some of my colleagues had completed the Master of Public Health and spoke highly of the course. I knew that the course would help me gain high level skills and knowledge about public health approaches in using, analysing and interpreting health information.
While it was difficult at times juggling a full-time job with part-time study, I found the course interesting, challenging and rewarding. The electives covered a wide range of topics, which was great.
For those wanting to start a career in public health, the course will give you a broad understanding of the field and enable you to hone your skills in your specific area of interest, whether it be health promotion or epidemiology etc. For those already working in public health, the course is a great way to improve your skills and learn some new ones."


Master of Public Health
Medical Officer, Disease Control in Humanitarian
Emergencies, World Health Organisation (WHO)

"I provide technical and operational support on communicable disease control in humanitarian emergencies. I did my MPH full-time but in two separate blocks broken up by a field posting with Medecins Sans Frontieres in Malawi, Africa. I then went on to further postings in Sierra Leone and Burundi. My field experience and the work I did in collaboration with WHO at country level during this time led to a recommendation for my current position. The basic principles of public health are essential to my work and I always come back to them. I was taught by some very reputable professors who were world leaders in their area. Their professionalism motivated me to excel."


Master of Public Health 2006
Honours student

"I originally wanted to begin a PhD in an area of public health that I had a great interest in, however did not have any research skills or experience. I therefore wanted to learn more about how to conduct public health research. Someone who I looked up to in the area that I wanted to complete a PhD in, suggested that I should complete a MPH at the University of Sydney before beginning a PhD. The MPH was an extremely useful and interesting course. I particularly found the statistics and epidemiology courses in first semester very useful as well as the other epidemiology and research courses that I studied in second semester, as these very much assisted me with my research job at the time.
It is a very practical course, where most of the content is taught in a way in which it relates back to real public health scenarios or research projects so that it is always interesting. I definitely recommend the MPH to anyone who is interested in public health, wants to further their career in public health and/or wants to improve their skills in public health research."