Qualitative Health Research

Helen, Master of Qualitative Health Research graduate

Master of Qualitative Health Research

"I’ve had an interesting journey, starting off as a Solicitor and working in the area of labour law and commercial law. I’ve also worked as a Research Manager and am now currently employed as the Executive Officer with the Department of Rural Health, University of Sydney in Broken Hill where I have oversight of administrative services, management systems, capital works and residential facilities as well as human resources, financial and contract management.
At the time I decided to enrol, I had some basic knowledge of qualitative research and had been involved in a few qualitative projects. I struggled with data analysis in these projects and felt that I didn’t really know what I was doing. I felt that in order to undertake rigorous qualitative health research I needed to know more than the basics.

I really enjoyed the course and found that the core subjects built on each other and provided a good insight into the history and development of qualitative health research. The focus on understanding epistemology, methodology and methods really helps to plan research, keep it on track and maintain rigour. The final subject of the Masters required us to work on a real research project and was an excellent way to bring together the skills and knowledge gained through the degree.
This course has helped me to improve my knowledge of qualitative health research. I can now plan projects and undertake qualitative health research with confidence.
In the future, after completing a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology), I hope to be able to undertake a PhD. "

Christiane graduate of Qualitative Health Research

Qualitative Health Research 2011

“The qualitative health research course provided me with the confidence, knowledge and skills needed to tackle any health-related qualitative research topic.
I particularly enjoyed being exposed to the thoughts, experiences and contributions of a broad variety of public health professionals in the field of qualitative research.
I also enjoyed the wide selection of compulsory and recommended readings, which I am still consulting on a regular basis to make strong arguments.

This course was excellent in preparing me for doing qualitative research, specifically in the context of health and medicine. Exploring how people make sense of themselves, their health and illnesses, and the world around them, demands a sophisticated set of skills, including sensitivity, patience, insightfulness and reflexivity as well as analytical and abstract thinking, all of which we were introduced to and had opportunities to develop and practice as part of the course.”


Introducing Qualitative Health Research 2009

"This class is a valuable investment in the development of efficient and effective research techniques.
My advice is to take it as soon as possible in your research 'career'."