Webinars 2014

MIPH Field placements presentations 2014

Students present their research and field experiences on completion of the inaugural Classroom in the Field placements in the Philippines, Isin Diak Field Placement in Timor-Leste and the Hoc Mai Field Placement in Viet Nam.

These opportunities are unique to the Sydney School of Public Health.

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The challenges of contraceptive use in Timor-Leste - Sarah

Sarah presents her 4 week field work and research on family planning services and contraceptive use in Timor-Leste.

Download the presentation slides : http://goo.gl/DWrWWp

  • 18:31 minutes
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A grassroots look at a health system - Lewis

Lewis reports on his observations of the "Doctors to the Barrios" program in two provinces in the North and Central Philippines.
Download the presentation slides : http://goo.gl/ofQfns

  • 22:12 minutes
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The challenges of disability among children in Viet Nam - Julie-Anne

Julie-Anne explored the issue of disability among the children of Ho Chi Minh City visiting its hospitals and NGOs.
Download the presentation slides : http://goo.gl/Hr27Rs

  • 28:30 minutes
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The power of leadership in community - Hamira

Hamira tells of his experience with the Zuellig Family Foundation and the impact of training in leadership in local communities.
Download the presentation slides : http://goo.gl/BA4BQ4

  • 34:29 minutes

Lunchtime Webinar Series for 2013

In case you missed any of them here are the 2013 Lunchtime Webinar Series.

Included is a special presentation from MIPH graduate Liz Drummond on her research and field work in Bangladesh.

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Cancer Clusters: What are they and how are they investigated?

Associate Professor Tim Driscoll explains what a cancer cluster is and how they are investigated. Download the slide presentation : http://goo.gl/kkQMLZ

  • 27:59 minutes
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South Sudan - Maternal mortality rates

How South Sudan will start to solve some of its major health challenges. Download the slide presentation : http://goo.gl/dvKbrP

  • 20:43 minutes
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24 hour body clocks and depression

Does a disrupted clock cause depression and weight gain in young people? Download the presentation slides : http://goo.gl/BWl1Wi

  • 24:09 minutes
video still

Getting youth involved in health decisions

Find out why youth health autonomy is important and how (with particular focus on the HPV vaccination) their involvement is facilitated. Download the slide presentation : http://goo.gl/75TCza

  • 13:56 minutes
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Tackling obesity

Obesity in children and young people is a major Australian health challenge, requiring a whole-of-community response. Download the slide presentation : http://goo.gl/2Guq3A

  • 24:26 minutes
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WorldFish Bangladesh

MIPH graduate Liz presents her research and field expriences working for WorldFish in Bangladesh. Download the slide presentation : http://goo.gl/FvqdYO

  • 31:40 minutes

Earlier webinars in 2013

Recorded before the 2013 Lunchtime series, these webinars cover what you need to know about Windfarms, Social Media and stopping Malaria in East Africa.

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12 things you need to know about Windfarms

Professor Simon Chapman talks about his research into claims regarding windfarms and health.

  • 26:26 minutes
Video still

Social media and Public Health

Can social media be used to promote better health? Download the slide presentation here : http://bit.ly/1023ajl Also see Erik Qualman's video on Social Media 2013

  • 31:36 minutes
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Reducing Malaria in East Africa

Malaria is preventable and treatable, but still kills more than half a million people each year. Download the presentation slides : http://bit.ly/10CmGnC

  • 29:21 minutes
video still

Fixing the System

Fixing the system: policies to improve the prevention and management of chronic disease. Download the slide presentation : http://bit.ly/Yqj0Kv

  • 33:19 minutes

Study program webinars in 2013

Learn more about our programs in Public Health and International Public Health.

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Classroom in the field - Placement opportunities

Dr Giselle Manalo launches the first Field Placements for Master of International Public Health students. You must be an enrolled MIPH student to apply.

  • 15:51 minutes
Video still

Careers and opportunities in Pubic Health

Professor Andrew Wilson highlights some of the employment opportunities available for public health. Download the slide presentation: http://goo.gl/2pelyh

  • 18:04 minutes
Video still

International placements and the MIPH

How international placements will give you the practical experience you need to enhance your career. Download the slide presentation: http://goo.gl/9xsv9h

  • 14:10 minutes