Biostatistics application requirements

Biostatistic study programs have additional requirements for applications. Please read the following information carefully.

Biostatistics coursework programs

In addition to the standard application procedures - including submission of the online application form and required attachments and documentation - all applications for Biostatistics coursework programs must also include:

Documentation and attachments

The School bases its criteria for acceptance into its programs on academic qualifications, work experience and current employment; entry is competitive, and all entries are ranked. As such, your application form for admission to a coursework program in the Sydney School of Public Health should be accompanied with the documentation shown below. Please note there are additional requirements for Biostatistics coursework programs (see above).

1. Academic Transcripts

You must provide originals of your degree(s)/diploma(s) and your academic records - except any qualifications obtained through the University of Sydney, unless they have been obtained through Cumberland Campus. You can provide copies of your academic transcripts provided they have been certified by:

  • the awarding institution(s), OR
  • a Justice of the Peace (JP), OR
  • the Sydney Medical School Student Services Office

If your qualifications have been obtained from universities or institutions other than the University of Sydney, your application will only be processed with an attached transcript of your complete academic record - all courses taken and all results obtained - see also Overseas qualifications information.

Original transcripts will be copied and certified at the University and returned to you. Uncertified photocopies of academic transcripts, or testamurs or diplomas alone, are insufficient evidence of eligibility for enrolment.

2. Proof of Citizenship

You must provide original evidence of Australian citizenship or Australian permanent residency status - that is, original or certified copies (by a JP or the Student Office) - of your birth certificate or passport. If you do not have Australian citizenship or permanent residency status you must apply as an international student through the International Office.

3. Explanatory letter (optional)

If desired, you may include an explanatory letter outlining why you are applying for the course.

Overseas qualifications

If your qualifications were obtained from a University or other institution where the language of instruction was other than English, you must provide evidence of English proficiency. The Graduate Studies Committee has recently determined that only the following English tests are acceptable for graduate entry:

  • IELTS with a minimum score of 6.5 and a minimum of 6.0 for each band or
  • CULT with a minimum score of 70% or
  • TOEFL with a minimum score of 600 and TWE with a minimum score of 4.5

If your degree is from a non-English speaking country but your instruction was in English you should provide us with a statement and evidence to that effect.