Graduate Certificate in Biostatistics


The Graduate Certificate in Biostatistics is suitable for those wanting a good understanding of the principles of epidemiology and some aspects of biostatistics.

You may find the Graduate Certificate a suitable option if you do not want to take on the full load of study required for the Masters or Graduate Diploma course, or if you did not qualify directly for the Masters degree. An option to upgrade from the Graduate Certificate to the Graduate Diploma (and then to the Masters degree) is available, on the basis of successful completion of 4 units of study.

Course Content

The Graduate Certificate draws on the range biostatistics units of study offered via distance learning through the Sydney School of Public Health. Upon completion of the requisite units for this course, you will:

  • be able to demonstrate a broad understanding of the value and basic principles of biostatistical methods in health and medical research;
  • be able to demonstrate an understanding of the principles of epidemiology and its biostatistical underpinnings;
  • have acquired skills in data management and basic statistical analyses; and
  • have developed the practical and technical skills to progress to further postgraduate studies in biostatistics.

Course Structure

The Graduate Certificate is a one-year part-time degree of 24 credit points. To qualify for the degree, students must complete 4 units of study (each worth 6 credit points), including: