Coursework areas of study

What you can study at the School of Public Health

Public Health

Public Health at Graduate Diploma and Masters level – these courses are usually chosen by those who plan to work in developed countries.

International Public Health

International Public Health at Masters level – we offer the longest-running Master of International Public Health program in NSW, and one of only a few in Australia. These courses are usually chosen by those who wish to work in developing countries or resource-poor settings.

Clinical Epidemiology

Clinical Epidemiology at Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters level – the range of courses gives clinicians – doctors, nurses, and other health professionals - the opportunity to appraise and carry out research and to practise evidence-based health care.


Biostatistics: Specialist courses (Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters) in the use of highly sophisticated mathematical models to evaluate public health data, intended for those interested in a career as a biostatistician.

Health Policy

Health Policy courses (Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters) offer a critical perspective on our health care system and skills in developing and implementing health policy.

Indigenous Health

Indigenous Health Promotion and Indigenous Health (Substance Use) courses are offered for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health professionals.

Health Communication

Health Communication: courses (Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters) providing both media skills for professional communicators in health and medicine working in public affairs, public relations, community relations and journalism as well as a solid, evidence-based education in public health issues.


Bioethics will train you to understand the interaction between advances in biotechnology and society, the complex relationship between morality, mental health and the law, issues surrounding euthanasia and end-of life-care, human and animal research ethics, stem cell research and cloning, and even doctor-patient relationships.

Professional development short courses

Professional development short courses are available for professionals already practising in the field of public health.