Approved Non-Public Health Electives

Here are the non-Public Health units available to study as part of your public health program.

Master of Public Health students can choose up to 8 credit points of non-PUBH electives.

Graduate Diploma in Public Health students can choose up to 6 credit points of non-PUBH electives.

Unit of study code Unit of study name  Credit point value (CP)
BACH5343 Individual and Societal Ageing - Not available in 2016 6CP
BETH5203 Ethics and Public Health 6CP
BETH5205 Ethics and Mental Health 6CP
BETH5207 Arts in Health 6CP
BETH5208 Introduction to Human Research Ethics 2CP
BETH5209 Medicines Policy, Economics and Ethics - Not available in 2016 6CP
CEPI5200 Quality and Safety in Health Care 6CP
CEPI5214 Writing and Reviewing Medical Papers 4CP
CEPI5310 Advanced Statistical Modelling 4CP
CEPI5311 Diagnostic and Screening (Part 1) 2CP
CEPI5312 Diagnostic and Screening (1 and 2) 6CP
CHSC6906 Health in China - Not available in 2016 6CP
COMP5424 Information Technology in Biomedicine 6CP
COMP5426 Introduction to Bioinformatics - Not available in 2016 6CP
DENT5013 Preventative Dentistry - Not available in 2016 6CP
DENT5014 Dental Health Services - Not available in 2016 6CP
DENT5015 Population Oral Health - Not available in 2016 6CP
HPOL5000 Introduction to Health Policy 6CP
HPOL5001 Economics and Finance for Health Policy 6CP
HPOL5003 Analysing Health Policy 6CP
HPOL5007 Global Health Policy 6CP
INFO5306 Enterprise Healthcare Information Systems 6CP
INFO9003 IT for Health Professionals 6CP
LAWS6252 Legal Reasoning and the Common Law System 6CP
LAWS6839 Critical Issues in Public Health Law  6CP
LAWS6848 Law, Business and Healthy Lifestyles  6CP
MECO6919 Health Communication   6CP
MIPH5008 Travel and Tropical Medicine  2CP
MIPH5112 Global Communicable Disease Control  4CP
MIPH5115 Women's and Children's Health  4CP
MIPH5116 Culture, Health, Illness and Medicine   4CP
MIPH5117 Global Non-communicable Disease Control   2CP
MIPH5118 Global Perspectives of HIV/AIDS - Not available in 2016 4CP
MIPH5124 Health Issues and Humanitarian Emergencies   4CP
MIPH5127 Mental Disorders in Global Context   2CP
MIPH5134 Primary Care in Low Resource Settings   4CP
MIPH5135 Health Systems in Developing Countries   4CP
MIPH5136 Nutrition in International Settings   4CP
MIPH5219 International Health Project Management   6CP
MIPH5301 Academic Writing for Public Health 2CP
NTDT5608 Community and Public Health Nutrition 6CP
NURS5094 Principles of Chronic Disease Management - Not available in 2016 6CP
SEXH5008 Sex and Society 2CP
SEXH5101 Public Health Aspects of STDs   2CP
SEXH5102 Public Health Aspects of HIV/AIDS   2CP
SEXH5205 Advanced Adolescent Sexual Health   6CP
SEXH5405 Contraception and Reproductive Health   6CP
SEXH5407 Sex Gender and Sexuality   6CP
SEXH5412 Sexual Health and Relationships Education   6CP
SEXH5414 Public Health Aspects of HIV, STIs & Sexual Health   6CP

For any other non-PUBH unit you will need the PRIOR permission from the Unit Co-ordinator and the MPH Academic Co-ordinator.