Ethics and Mental Health - Professional Development Course

The Bioethics Program at the School of Public Health are open for 2012 registrations. These courses are designed to address the growing interest in the life sciences and biomedical technologies as well as the need for ethics education among researchers and practitioners in health-related fields and disciplines. They provide an innovative, interdisciplinary approach and are an excellent way to add value to an ongoing career or build a research career.

Courses are held at Sydney University (Camperdown Campus) and taught in an intensive format over three days, running from 9am to 5pm with an hour for lunch.

Students will receive a certificate of attendance but will not be eligible for university credit as the Professional Development course is not assessed.


Mental health and mental illness are unique in the field of health care and bioethics. The very nature of psychiatric disorder and its relationship with prevailing social and cultural factors, in addition to the unique status of the mental health patient, necessitate a specific discourse in biomedical ethics in the area of mental health.

This unit will provide participants with a broad perspective of issues in bioethics applied to mental health and mental illness. Students will examine the history of the psychiatric profession and consider the adequacy of current safeguards against the abuses of power seen in the history of the profession of psychiatry. Other areas considered include the current ethical dilemmas in mental health care, the implications of technological advances in the neurosciences, the philosophical basis of the concept of mental disorder, the relationship between power and the psychiatric profession and the complex relationship between morality, mental health and the law.

The unit aspires to inform future decision makers in health, public policy, clinical settings and academia in the unique aspects of biomedical ethics in the field of mental health.

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Semester 2:

Tuesday 7 August
Tuesday 4 September
Tuesday 9 October

The course will be held at Sydney University (Camperdown Campus) and taught in an intensive format over three days.

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We are not accepting applications for 2012.

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Details to be advised in late 2012.

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