Ashley McAllister

BMOS (University of Western Ontario)                  
PhD Candidate                  
Sydney School of Public Health      


Ashley McAllister is a PhD candidate with the School of Public Health at the University of Sydney. Her project is entitled: Australian and Ontarian approaches to disability income support design and mental illness: A comparative study. She is interested in using an interdisciplinary approach to identify possible policy responses to increase the social and economic participation of those with mental illness.

Prior to beginning her PhD in 2010, Ashley worked as an Economist at the Ontario Ministry of Finance in Canada working on retail sales tax reform and was extensively involved in the implementation of the Harmonized Sales Tax in Ontario. She has also worked as a Principal Economist for the Energy Strategy & Reform team at Industry and Investment NSW delivering economic research, analysis and advice contributing to the delivery of strategic policy advice and initiatives for Government on the safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable supply and use of energy. She has also been a Senior Business Analyst for the NSW Department of Family and Community services working on program reviews. Much of her policy work has revolved around the economic and social implications of reform policies in an Australian and international context.

Ashley was also an Associate Lecturer for the Masters of Sustainability – Populations and Health Unit as well as an academic tutor in the Political Economy Department at the University of Sydney. Ashley is currenlty a visiting student in the Equity and Health Policy Research Group at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.

Research Interests

Social and economic policy and mental illness; comparative research; health policy

Current Projects

PhD Student - Comparing how disability income support is designed in Australia and Ontario for people with mental illness.


Neurosciences and Mental Health


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