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Adjunct, Clinical & Honorary Appointments

Research Students

Primary Supervision
Candidate Award Project Title Project supervisor Comments
Mohammed Senitan Alharbi PhD The referral system of Non-Communicable diseases: Identifying Strategies for Better Care Coordination James Gillespie  
Tim Badgery-Parker PhD The right patients receiving the right care at the right time. Adam Elshaug  
Jason Bentley PhD A healthy start to life: Using linked administrative data for population-based Natasha Nassar  
Diana Bond PhD Evaluation of probiotics for the prevention of mastitis in breastfeeding women: the APProve randomised placebo-controlled trial Natasha Nassar  
Kelsey Chalmers PhD Utilising big data in the search for low-value health care. Adam Elshaug  
Susan Clarke PhD Gatekeeping in the Australian Health System Andrew Wilson  
Brendan Clifford M Phil Policy action on health equity: Housing First as a case study using a systems approach to policy analysis. Andrew Wilson  
Moira Dunsmore PhD Social capital (SC) theory as a framework to address the structural and cognitive dimensions of dual sensory impairment (DSI) in the elderly Australian population James Gillespie  
Samantha Eid PhD Understanding Patient Engagement in Healthcare: Measuring Patient-Reported Outcomes for Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis Andrew Wilson  
Xiaoqi Feng PhD Where we live, who we are, or what we think? Epidemiological studies on the interplay between neighbourhood socioeconomic circumstances, gender, and actual and perceived weight status. Andrew Wilson  
Richa Jaswal PhD Development and testing of new methodologies to compare oral health systems and outcomes Carmen Huckel Schneider  
Sarah Mounsey PhD Fiscal interventions for NCD prevention in LMICs: case studies from the Pacific using modelling and policy analysis to explore intended and unintended consequences across sectors. Anne Marie Thow  
Claire Pearce PhD The role of health services in the prevention of obesity. Andrew Wilson  
Elizabeth Seil PhD Alternative payment models for Australian healthcare Adam Elshaug  
Deborah Schaler PhD Patient voice informing the safety of healthcare: effectiveness of patient feedback methods James Gillespie  
Selvanaayagam Shanmuganathan PhD Management and leadership characteristics in chronic disease management programs: Is there a role? Andrew Wilson  
Jason Soon PhD Nudging clinicians away from low-value care Adam Elshaug  

Auxilliary Supervision (if not listed above)
  • Professor Adam Elshaug
    Jonathan Brett (University of New South Wales)
    Samantha Eid (University of Sydney)
  • Professor Andrew Wilson
    Andrew Levula, (Faculty of Engineering, University of Sydney)
    Jega Janani (Jan) Muhunthan, The George Institute for Global Health
  • Associate Professor James Gillespie
    Muhammad Rabiul Hasan (School of Electrical and Information Engineering, University of Sydney)
    Fiona Pacey (Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney)
  • Dr Anne Marie Thow
    Basma Al Ansari (Central Clinical School, University of Sydney)
    Penny Farrell (School of Public Health, University of Sydney)
    Alexandra Jones (The George Institute for International Health, The University of Sydney)
    Jenny Kaldor (Faculty of Law, University of Sydney)
    Erica Reeve (Deakin University)
    Gyambo Sithey (School of Public Health, University of Sydney)
  • Dr Carmen Huckel Schneider
    Alice Bhasale (Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sydney)
    Fiona Robbards (School of Public Health, University of Sydney)
    Deb Schaler (School of Public Health, University of Sydney)
    Selvanaayagam Shanmuganathan (School of Public Health, University of Sydney)
  • Adjunct Associate Professor Freddy Sitas
    Usha Salagame (School of Public Health, University of Sydney)
    Donna Cho (School of Public Health, University of Sydney)