Scholarships Office

The Scholarships Office administers scholarships for undergraduates, postgraduate coursework and postgraduate research students. There are over 700 scholarship schemes on offer and each year the University of Sydney gives out over $65 million in scholarships, not taking into consideration prizes or College and Sporting Scholarships.

Postgraduate Coursework scholarships

The Scholarships Office offers a limited number of university wide postgraduate coursework scholarships. There are more of such scholarships offered at a faculty level and should be investigated.

There are also external organisations that advertise scholarships that include the postgraduate coursework cohort. These scholarships are advertised on a fortnightly basis on Now Open. Please note that these scholarships are external and are subject to the external organisation’s terms and conditions. Please read them carefully before applying.

It is also worth contacting industries and organisations related to your degree for opportunities.

Sydney Medical School scholarships and awards

Find out more about scholarships and prizes available from Sydney Medical School including:

  • awards and scholarships for current and future students in the Medical Program
  • awards and scholarships for postgraduate coursework students
  • awards and scholarships for research program students
  • postdoctoral fellowships
  • travel scholarships
  • Scholarships for Indigenous students and students of Indigenous Health

More Information:

Postgraduate Research Scholarships

Information about the major scholarships available for postgraduate research at The University of Sydney can be found at