Research Programs

Menzies Centre for Health Policy staff and students are active in several programs of research.

Health Governance and Financing
Governance in the health sector refers to a wide range of steering and rule-making related functions carried out by governments/decisions makers as they seek to achieve national health policy objectives that are conducive to universal health coverage.
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Preventive Health Policy
Preventive Health Policy focuses on the health of individuals, communities, and defined populations. Its goal is to protect, promote, and maintain health and well-being and to prevent disease, disability, and death.
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Public Policy and Health
Finding solutions to public health problems through the development, analysis, implementation, and evaluation of policies.
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Value in Health Care
The Value in Health Care Division aims to create a sustainable cross-disciplinary research and policy translation environment with the goals of delivering value-based health care solutions, underpinned by the analysis of health data. It is a portal through which key questions of most relevance to end-user partners are asked of data, existing and new.
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