Serious and Continuing Illnesses Policy and Practice Study (SCIPPS)


The Menzies Centre for Health Policy was awarded a $3.5 million National Health and Medical Research Council grant in 2006 to research cardiovascular disease, diabetes and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The Serious and Continuing Illnesses Policy and Practice Study (SCIPPS) examined the experiences of older Australians to find out what problems they really face in managing their health, and what might be done to help using policy and systems interventions.

Health professionals and people affected by chronic conditions as patients and carers - and many people are both - took part. Indigenous people and people from diverse cultural and language backgrounds were included in the study. An in depth study of a collaboration to improve chronic condition outcomes was conducted in Western Sydney. We carried out two national surveys of older Australians to establish the economic and other costs of chronic conditions, and the time spent on health care with a chronic condition, as well as how well care coordination works on the ground.

The main findings of the research program show that:

  • People are affected by the costs of health care and medicines to the point where many avoid filling prescriptions or attending services; we estimate that around 250,000 older Australians are spending more than 20% of their available income on meeting out of pocket health care costs;
  • Carers need help so they can help their family members who need them: they need help understanding what to do, when to do it, and where to find more formal help; of all older people caring for a person with a chronic condition, most have a chronic condition themselves;
  • Indigenous people with chronic conditions find great support in their families and culture and the holistic support they receive in aboriginal medical service, which contrasts with their continued perception of racism in mainstream services;
  • People with multiple chronic conditions find that the lack of communication and connection between people who are responsible for their care causes problems, delays, and unnecessary time spent on getting care;
  • Most people spend less than an hour a day looking after their health, but the top 10% spends about 2 hours a day- every day; and carers with a chronic condition themselves are spending up to four times that amount;
  • The unique element in highly diverse patterns of illness and health services use is the patient experience, and to ensure that the best use of resources and best outcomes are possible, this needs to be reflected in new policies and practices.

SCIPPS set up discussions with policy makers, practitioners, consumer groups and researchers to look at three areas of findings that were complex, and difficult to address from a policy and systems perspective; the complexities associated with multiple morbidity; the economic impact of chronic illness; and health literacy of individuals and their communities. From these workshops, further dialogue with a range of stakeholders, consumers, researchers, public and private providers and policy makers identified potentially useful approaches to address issues brought up as part of the research, which are in the attached report.

The value of the SCIPPS project is its foundation in user experience and the developing dialogue with a range of groups and people with both interest and expertise in an area that is both complex and increasingly costly.



Awards & Recognition

The Serious and Continuing Illness Policy and Practice Study (Western Sydney Local Health District, Mount Druitt Aboriginal Medical Service Wununga, Nimmityjah Aboriginal Medical Service, ACT) won the "Closing the Gap in Aboriginal Health Through Excellence in Research, Evaluation and Building Evidence Award" at NSW Health's 2012 Aboriginal Health Awards.

As part of their commitment to closing the gap on Indigenous disadvantage, the research team conducted a sub-study in which they recruited 19 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with at least one of the chronic illnesses of interest. The project was conducted in a manner that was culturally responsive and holistic in partnership with two Aboriginal Medical Services – Mount Druitt (NSW) and Winnunga Nimmityjah (ACT). Staff at both services played a vital role in the project which seeks solutions to the increasing burden placed on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people affected by chronic illness.


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