Low back pain? Expect something different from your GP now…

Best practice for treating low back pain has changed

13 November 2017
Revisions to major international guidelines for the management and treatment of low back pain should see changes to practice worldwide. Learn more

5 reasons to study health policy at the University of Sydney

Study health policy

9 November 2017
Health policy involves the decisions, actions and plans that are undertaken to achieve health goals within society. This encompasses rules, regulations, practices and actions that shape behaviour and guide health, including the way in which healthcare and health promotion systems are designed and implemented. Learn more

Australia slipping backwards on National Firearms Agreement

National Firearms Agreement

5 October 2017
No Australian State or Territory has ever complied fully with the 1996 or 2002 firearms resolutions collectively formed under the National Firearms Agreement, a new report reveals today. Learn more

How to finance your postgraduate Sydney School of Public Health degree

how to finance your postgraduate study

26 September 2017
Find information on how to finance your postgraduate study at Sydney School of Public Health, student loans, and subsidised fees to credit previous study. Learn more

7 reasons to study bioethics at the University of Sydney

7 reaons to study bioethics at the university of sydney

22 September 2017
Our Bioethics program is taught by expert leaders in the field. Here are 7 reasons why you should study Bioethics at the University of Sydney School of Public Health. Learn more

We’re failing to help kids be physically active

kids physically active

29 August 2017
Riding a bike is a healthy rite of passage.
A new low in children’s bicycle sales signals a failure to help children be physically active, says University of Sydney health expert, Professor Chris Rissel. Learn more

Is 'Big Sugar' making us sick?

big sugar

28 August 2017
How 'Big Sugar' is using the 'Big Tobacco' playbook
Mary Poppins said “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down” but adding too much of the sweet stuff is contributing to poor health, says Dr Becky Freeman in this Open for Discussion podcast. Learn more

Bigger issues than junk health policies

junk health policies

25 August 2017
Junk health insurance policies are just part of a bigger issue.
Health insurance policies that force people to access care in public hospitals are part of a wider range of issues writes Associate Professor Lesley Russell in The Conversation. Learn more

SOAR Fellows solving real world health problems

SOAR Fellows

14 August 2017
We caught up with our Sydney Research Accelerator (SOAR) Fellows, Associate Professor Anne Cust and Associate Professor Allison Tong and asked them to explain what their research is about and the wider impact it could have. Learn more

Plan to cut hospital admissions won't work

Hospital admissions

4 August 2017
Federal government plans to cut hospital admissions seem to lack foresight. Learn more

Inactivity still too high in Australia


1 August 2017
Activity levels in Australia have hardly moved over the past 22 years, requiring a wider approach, according to a new report. Learn more

University of Sydney ranks number one in public health


19 July 2017
The University of Sydney has been ranked first in the Asia-Pacific region and 18th globally in the 2017 Academic Ranking of World Universities for public health. Learn more

Musculoskeletal Division joins the Sydney School of Public Health

Professor Chris Maher

28 June 2017
A world-leading group of musculoskeletal researchers has joined the Sydney School of Public Health. The group, called Musculoskeletal Health Sydney, already works closely with various groups in the School including the Wiser Healthcare group, on healthy ageing, with the Prevention Research Collaboration and on health economics. Learn more

Don’t rely on smartphone apps to treat back pain

smartphone apps

7 June 2017
Millions of people worldwide use back pain apps, however no independent guidance is available to help consumers identify which ones are safe and of high quality, a new study has found. Learn more

What is it like to be an early career research fellow?

Early career research fellow

1 June 2017
Dr Justin Richards is an NHMRC Early Career Fellow in the Sydney School of Public Health. We caught up with him to learn more about his experiences in early career research. Learn more

How should we change unhealthy behaviours? Insights from a visiting Cambridge academic

Professor Theresa Marteau

29 April 2017
Professor Theresa Marteau from the University of Cambridge addressed a packed lecture theatre in the Sydney School of Public Health, discussing her research into why giving people personalised risk information often doesn’t work. Learn more

Waist circumference better indicator of early death than BMI

Waist ciecumference

26 April 2017
Researchers have found that a person's waist circumference is more closely linked to early death than their Body Mass Index. Learn more

Dr Becky Freeman wins TSANZ’s President’s Award

Dr Becky Freeman wins TSANZ

20 April 2017
Dr Becky Freeman has been awarded the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand (TSANZ)’s prestigious President’s Award, for her significant work in tobacco control advocacy and research in tobacco marketing via social media. Learn more

6 things you didn’t know about sugar


7 April 2017
The University of Sydney recently hosted a Health Forum on ‘Big sugar’ where a panel of our experts discussed the issues surrounding sugar. We asked our panelists to give us their top insights into things we might not know about sugar. Learn more

Veggies each day keep the stress blues away


16 March
Eating three to four serves of vegetables daily is associated with a lower incidence of psychological stress, new research by University of Sydney scholars reveals. Learn more

Ruling on assisted dying drug Nembutal sets important precedent

Ruling on assisted dying drug

3 March 2017
Professor Simon Chapman says a ruling by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal could make a drug used in assisted suicide more accessible for terminally ill patients. Learn more

Why researchers have a duty to try and influence policy

Using media to affect public policy

24 February 2017
Researchers should break from tradition and look to use the media to influence public policy, writes Professor Simon Chapman. Learn more

Discover a Master of Medicine (Clinical Epidemiology) with Australia Awards Scholar Monirath Hav

Image: Monirath Hav

15 February 2017
Monirath Hav, known as Winnie, graduated with a Master of Medicine (Clinical Epidemiology) in 2016. As an international student from Cambodia, Winnie received the opportunity to study at the University of Sydney through an Australia Awards Scholarship. Learn more

The hunt for health savings: prevention is better than cure

Health savings

20 January 2017
The arrival of a new federal Minister for Health provides an opportunity for the Coalition government to develop a clear message on how to improve the health and well-being of Australians and support our health system. Learn more

Emeritus Professor Simon Chapman releases new book: Smoke Signals

smoke signals

17 January 2017
Emeritus Professor Simon Chapman has released new book, Smoke Signals. Smoke Signals gathers 71 of Professor Chapman’s authoritative, acerbic and heretical essays written in newspapers, blogs and research journals across his 40-year career. Learn more

‘Weekend Warriors’ share health benefits

Weekend Warriors

10 January 2017
Physical activity patterns of just one or two sessions a week may be enough to reduce deaths from all causes, cardiovascular disease and cancer, regardless of adherence to exercise guidelines, new research reveals. Learn more

Fixing overuse and underuse of medical care can improve health and save money

Fixing overuse and underuse of medical care

9 January 2017
International experts have pinpointed how reforming the overuse and underuse of health and medical services around the world can improve health outcomes and stem spiralling costs of healthcare. Learn more