Medical Education in Vietnam

Education, in particular medical education, is regarded as a decisive factor in the sustainable development of each country. Medical training in the Vietnamese education system is facing challenges that need to be addressed to better serve the health of its people. According to Vietnam's Ministry of Health, in the public higher education sector, training medical and healthcare workers occurs in 20 universities, 35 medical colleges, 44 occupational medical schools and 16 institutes/hospitals. During the past 15 years there has also been a dramatic growth of private universities/colleges offering medical education. There are currently 10 private medical universities/colleges or faculties in private universities. Students enrolled in private medical schools are mostly from rich families due to the much higher costs charged by the private sector. For example, tuition fees in private medical schools are about 6 times higher than public schools (3000 USD / year compared to 550USD / year). In Vietnam, there is no significant difference in gender enrolment in public medical educational sector. Quality of education in public medical schools is usually better than the newly established private medical schools. Accreditation in public medical schools typically is higher than private medical schools because the enrolled students are those with the highest marks and better qualified lecturers and facilities for medical training.

KEYWORDS: Medical education, education reforms, assessment of medical education development in Vietnam.

Associate Professor Le Thi Huong got her PhD training in Human Nutrition in Wageningen University, The Netherlands. Her dissertation focused on nutritional epidemiology and primary health care in Vietnam, especially in remote areas. Dr Huong had served as the Vice Director of the Food and Nutrition Training Center, National Institute of Nutrition since October 2007 to 2010. She has also been coordinator for the project funded by the Netherlands “Strengthening Teaching and Research Capacity of Preventive Medicine in Vietnam”; team leader of many studies in health sector and trainer of some critical nutrition education programs in Vietnam. Dr Huong currently is the Head of the Nutrition and Food Safety Department and Dean of Institute for Preventive Medicine and Public Health in Hanoi Medical University. Her current focus in developing human resources for preventive health care system in Vietnam through training preventive medical doctors and carrying out researches in this area. Dr Huong has a number of publications in international and national journals.

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