Research Presentation Day - Parallel Sessions

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Healthcare Ethics and Immigration Detention: An Insiders and Other Perspectives

Ryan Essex,Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine, School of Public Health
 Does mannitol influence outcome in acute intracerebral hemorrhage? multivariable results from INTERACT2

Xia Wang, The George Institute for Global Health

Patient’s acceptability of a text messaging program to improve secondary prevention of coronary heart disease

Karla Santo, The George Institute for Global Health.

Trends in analgesic medications for spinal pain in primary care

Stephanie Mathieson, The George Institute for Global Health

Detecting bowel cancer in chronic kidney disease – the Detect Study

Narelle Williams, Centre for Kidney Research, CHW

10:15 Coping with making a medical error: the case of the health professional

Reema Harrison, School of Public Health

Psychosocial and decision process effects of overdiagnosis information in a breast cancer screening decision aid trial

Jolyn Hersch, The School of Public Health.

The formative evaluation of the Driving Change Licensing Support Program

Patricia Cullen, The George Institute for Global Health

The Kids’ Health and Wealth Study (K-CAD): Psychological, behavioural, and educational outcomes in children and adolescents with chronic kidney disease

Anita van Zwieten, Centre for Kidney Research, CHW & Kerry Chen, Centre for Kidney Research, CHW

Incorporating formative research to inform Health based RCT intervention, to promote IYCF practices in Myanmar

Crystal Pan Hmone, School of Public Health

10:30 Multiple lifestyle behaviors and all-cause mortality in older adults: Evidence from a large population-based Australian cohort.   Running head: Lifestyle behaviors and all-cause mortality.

Melody Ding, Prevention Research Collaboration, School of Public Health

Association of health status with the happiness scale.

Gyambo Sithey, The School of Public Health

Patient preferences for outcomes after kidney transplantation: a best-worst scaling survey.

Martin Howell, Centre for Kidney Research, CHW

Researchers as stakeholders: a multi-disciplinary research enterprise to investigate how health was included in the 2011-2013 review of the NSW Land-Use Planning System.

Patrick Harris, Menzies Centre for Health Policy & Jennifer Kent, Faculty of Design, Architecture and Planning

Older people’s experiences, attitudes, and perspectives of a physical activity promotion and fall prevention intervention

Juliana Oliveira, The George Institute for Global Health

10:45 Why do smokers try to quit without medication or counselling? A qualitative study with ex-smokers.

Andrea Smith, Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine, School of Public Health

When parents won’t vaccinate.  A qualitative investigation of primary care providers’ responses.

Nina Berry, School of Public Health


The Hint Study: a cross-sectional survey of clinicians on hepatitis transmission risk in solid organ transplantation

Karen Waller, School of Public Health

What’s the problem? Expectations, consumer experience and health complaint system reform

Suzanne Pierce, School of Public Health

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The prevalence of low-value services in private health care.

Kelsey Chalmers, Menzies Centre for Health Policy

‘The government cannot do it all alone’: Realist analysis of the minutes of community health committee meetings in Nigeria.

Seye Abimbola, School of Public Health

Reducing community lead exposure: identifying and prioritising points for intervention.

Frances Boreland, Broken Hill University Department of Rural Health

Obesity and the risk of all-cause and cardiovascular mortality across the spectrum of CKD: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Maleeka Ladhani, School of Public Health

Reduced physical activity in people following ankle fractures: a longitudinal study.

Paula Beckenkamp, The
George Institute for Global Health


Can apps influence people’s behavior change?

Jing Zhao, School of Public Health

Bulldust, flat tyres and road kill: a dirty, disorderly and dangerous approach to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander researc.

Suzanne Plater, School of Public Health

Teaching shared decision making to adults with low literacy: Findings from a randomised controlled trial.

Danielle Muscat, School of Public Health

Low cost body composition measurement for nutrition assessment using Near Infrared (NIR) light reflection.

Angela Carberry, The School of Public Health

What do we do when so many prescriptions are for drug uses not approved by the regulator?

Narcyz Ghinea,     Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine, School of Public Health


The effectiveness of multimorbidity in predicting health resource use, severity of illness and complexity of care.

Christopher Harrison, Family Medicine Centre

The effect of non-English proficiency in the care and outcomes among suspected patients with acute coronary syndrome.

Karice Hyun, The George Institute for Global Health

Unregistered births amongst Aboriginal Western Australians.

Alison Gibberd, School of Public Health

Committees in conflict: organising and guideline setting in Australia’s cervical screening program.

Jane Williams,Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine, School of Public Health

Development of a competency framework for evidence-based practice in nursing: A descriptive survey study.

Kat Leung, School of Public Health


Nephrologists’ Perspectives on Recipient Eligibility and Access to Living Kidney Donor Transplantation.

Camilla Hanson, School of Public Health

Be active, be happy…

Justin Richards, Prevention Research Collaboration, School of Public Health

Can patients identify what triggers their back pain? Secondary analysis of a case-crossover study.

Patricia Parreira, The George Institute for Global Health

Apple, pear, hourglass or square? Bowel cancer doesn’t care: Role of obesity, and distributed weight gain on colorectal cancer risk: Analysis using the Cancer, Lifestyle and Evaluation of Risk (CLEAR) Study (NSW, Australia).

Dona Cho, Cancer Council NSW

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A comparison of existing falls prediction tools in a rehabilitation setting and development of a simpler tool (Predict_CM2).

Angela Vratsistas,The George Institute for Global Health

Menopausal Hormone Therapy (MHT) use and breast cancer risk in Australia: Findings from the New South Wales Cancer Lifestyle and EvAluation of Risk (CLEAR) study.

Usha Salagmae, Cancer Council NSW

Risk factors associated with different types of birth attendants for home deliveries: a cross-sectional data analysis of 2010 South Sudan household survey 

Ngatho Samuel Mugo, School of Public Health

Significance of hyperglycaemia in acute intracerebral haemorrhage: INTERACT2 results.

Anubhav Saxena, The George Institute for Global Health

Assessment of current practice and barriers to antimicrobial prophylaxis in peritoneal dialysis patients.

Denise Campbell, Centre for Kidney Research, CHW

Evaluation of Chronic Disease Interventions in Sydney West.

Justin McNab, Menzies Centre for Health Policy

Does being born with a cleft lip or palate affect children's school test results?

Jane Bell, School of Public Health

A cost evaluation of the SALSA (Students As LifeStyle Activists)  program.

Amy Bonefin, School of Public Health

Physical activity, neighbourhood environment attributes and social support among Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal participants of the Social Environmental and Economic Factors (SEEF) study.

Rona Macniven, Prevention Research Collaboration, School of Public Health

Estimating overdiagnosis in cancer screening trials: an example of adjusting for non-adherence in mammography screening.

Gemma Jacklyn, The School of Public Health


Head Position in Stroke Trial (HeadPoST): an international cluster randomised trial.

Paula Venturelli, The George Institute for Global Health

Co-occurrence of chronic disease lifestyle risk factors in middle-aged and older immigrants: A cross-sectional analysis of the 45 and Up Study.

Peter Sarich, Cancer Council NSW

Influenza Vaccine Efficacy in Young Children attending daycare: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

Jean  Li-Kim-Moy, National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance, CHW 

Will the moment of Hepatitis C diagnosis undermine the promise of new treatments? An analysis of Canadian women's experiences.

Sandi Mitchell, School of Public Health

Translating evidence and preferences into an online decision aid for osteoarthritis.

Sally Wortley, School of Public Health
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