Three areas of focus

Healthy kids

Improving the health of infants and children, including addressing maternal health issues.

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It is widely recognised that Aboriginal children have less access to education, health services and community care than the rest of the Australian population.

On average, Indigenous children have a higher illness and mortality rate and lower standard of numeracy, literacy and writing, all of which contribute to a disadvantage and the subsequent effects, such as lowered self esteem and motivation. The Centre works in conjunction with several communities in western NSW to provide services that facilitate improvements in learning, coping with the physical environment and overall well-being.
Please see here for our Healthy Kids Strategy Overview.

Healthy teeth

Improving oral health and addressing critical dental issues for community members of all ages.

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are likely to suffer more with oral health issues and have less access to services. Often, dental care is simply not available or not affordable. Since 2008 the Poche Centre has been running dental clinics and research in order to expand and establish sustainable models for the future. We are seeking to increase service delivery.
Please see here for our Healthy Teeth Strategy Overview.

Healthy hearts

Improving cardiovascular health and providing access to specialist medical advice, with a particular focus on extending life expectancy among older community members.

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Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population, who experience and die from it at much higher rates than the rest of the Australian population. Over the past four years, the Poche Centre has been running regular clinics with student attendance, including a periodic Pacemaker Technician to accompany the team. The Poche Centre is expanding these services with the introduction of e-medicine to provide additional opportunities for patient follow up between fly in visits meaning more treatments with less ongoing travel costs.
Please see here for our Healthy Hearts Strategy Overview.