The Prevention Research Collaboration (PRC) is a specialised research group within the School of Public Health, at the University of Sydney. This collaboration has expertise in public health nutrition, physical activity, obesity prevention, epidemiology and health promotion research, as well as other aspects of primary prevention.

The PRC has an applied research focus and actively facilitates the application and translation of research knowledge into policy and practice. The PRC seeks to achieve excellence and relevance in relation to its research focus areas, which specifically comprise:

lunchtime sport
  • Public health prevention research on chronic disease prevention, including physical activity, nutrition, obesity and tobacco
  • Applied public health research, including research translation, population reach and dissemination research
  • Policy-relevant and technical research for government and international bodies
  • Research methods for prevention and program evaluation expertise
  • Epidemiological and methodological studies of physical activity, sedentary behaviour and obesity.

The outputs of the PRC research are academic publications, as well as policy related reports. The PRC also has a smaller role in public health teaching and training.

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