The Physical Activity Nutrition and Obesity Research Group (PANORG) is designed to support the Centre for Population Health at the Ministry of Health as well as other government agencies, to:

  • advance the promotion of physical activity, nutrition and obesity prevention consistent with the NSW 2021 State Plan, the NSW Health Eating and Activity Living Strategy (2013-2018) and the National Partnership Agreement on Preventive Health (NPAPH);
  • Work closely with the Office of Preventive Health in evaluating scaled up public health interventions; and
  • Strengthen the capacity within NSW for promoting physical activity and nutrition, and preventing obesity through undertaking research, linking that research to policy and practice, and monitoring and evaluating population health policies and programs

The PANORG work program includes applied research and evaluation, evidence reviews, conduct of the SPANS surveys of school aged children, secondary analyses of large scale data sets in NSW, and other applied resarch to support the efforts of the Ministry of Health and its Office of Preventive Health in addressing disease prevention.