Program evaluation

Evaluation of the NSW Quitline

The PRC has been contracted by the Cancer Institute of NSW to undertake a comprehensive impact and process evaluation of the NSW Quitline in partnership with the Cancer Institute NSW and St Vincent’s Hospital. The Quitline is a telephone-based service that supports smokers wanting to quit over a 12 month period after their quit date. Cessation services, including the NSW Quitline, are one of the focus areas of The NSW Tobacco Control Strategy 2012-2017. The aims of the evaluation are to profile the demographic characteristics of Quitline users (age, sex etc), look at the effectiveness of the service in helping callers to quit smoking, identify factors associated with successful quitting among Quitline callers, and gauge caller satisfaction with the service provided. The information collected will provide invaluable insights into Quitline’s role in helping smokers in NSW to quit smoking and how the service may be improved.

For callers to the Quitline participating in the evaluation SURVEY or INTERVIEWS, you may download the relevant Participant Information Statements(SURVEY and INTERVIEWS). These provide further details about being part of the evaluation.

Evaluation of the Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service (GHS)

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The PRC has been contracted to undertake a comprehensive formative, process, impact and costing evaluation of the NSW Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service. The GHS is an individually tailored, advice and behaviour change counselling service delivered via telephone, which seeks to reduce adults’ risks in relation to physical activity, healthy eating and weight management and chronic disease. NSW Ministry of Health introduced this service across NSW in 2009. The evaluation is required to address questions related to the process and impact of clients’ contacts with the service, as well as to investigate questions related to the process of implementing the service. In relation to clients, the evaluation assesses the delivery of the intervention, perceptions by clients and effectiveness of the GHS in changing clients’ awareness and attitudes to health risk factors, and reported changes to healthy nutrition, physical activity behaviours and reported weight loss.

PRC is also responsible for undertaking the evaluation of the GHS for Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and Queensland, where their respective Departments of Health adopted the program.

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In June 2013 PRC released a GHS 5 year evaluation report, called "NSW Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service: the first five years 2009 - 2013". Please click the picure to get a copy of it.