Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Research Group

Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Research Group


The Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Research Group is part of the Sydney School of Public Health at the University of Sydney. The Group contributes to reducing the burden of cancer in the community by conducting research on cancer etiology, prevention, early detection and survivorship. A particular area of focus is on skin cancer and the group is also affiliated with the Melanoma Institute Australia. We also have a strong emphasis on translational outcomes relevant to cancer control policy and clinical practice.

Research themes

The group conducts epidemiological and intervention research with a strong translational focus across the spectrum of cancer control, including prevention, early detection, diagnosis, management and outcomes of cancer. We have expertise in quantitative and qualitative research design, and observational, intervention and data linkage studies. Our group addresses all types of cancer but has particular expertise in skin cancer. We have strong national and international multidisciplinary engagement including collaborations with clinicians, health economists, psychologists, sociologists, bioethicists, geneticists, laboratory scientists and others.

Research projects

Some of our current research projects include:

  • measuring the efficacy of innovative strategies to motivate skin cancer prevention behaviours.
  • developing and evaluating cancer risk prediction models.
  • addressing how genomics can be harnessed to improve cancer prevention and early detection in the general population.
  • investigating the interaction of genes, phenotype, and sun exposure on risk of melanoma using population-based and family-based data from the GenoMEL (Genetics of Melanoma) consortium and Genes, Environment and Melanoma (GEM) consortium.
  • investigating factors that predict progression and mortality from melanoma through collaboration in the GEM and InterMEL consortia.
  • evaluating strategies to improve fear of cancer recurrence and other psycho-educational outcomes for people with melanoma.
  • evaluating the cost-effectiveness of different models of care for screening and surveillance of people at high risk of melanoma.
    conducting a budget impact analysis to support the implementation of specialised surveillance clinics for individuals at high risk of melanoma.
  • evaluating the patterns of care for people diagnosed with melanoma in NSW.


The group is funded through competitive grants, fellowships and scholarships from different organisations including: