The Australian Rural Health Research Collaboration

Research programs of core academics

The Australian Rural Health Research Collaboration is a collaboration of three research centres:

  1. The Northern Rivers Centre - based at Lismore on the north coast of NSW and comprising the Northern Rivers University Department of Rural Health with the Northern Rivers Area Health Service and Southern Cross University.
  2. The Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety - based at Moree in north-west NSW (The AgHealth Centre) with the New England Area Health Service.
  3. The Broken Hill Centre for Remote Health Research - based at Broken Hill in far-west NSW and comprising the Broken Hill University Department of Rural Health with the Far West Area Health Service.

The Collaboration is based in the School of Public Health of The University of Sydney, which is strongly supportive of the Collaboration. The Collaboration is also affiliated with the School of Rural Health and Southern Cross University.

The Collaboration was established to address important inequalities in health between rural and urban communities, with many rural communities being disadvantaged with respect to their state of health and wellbeing, mortality rates and access to services.

To achieve this aim, information relating to the nature and extent of specific health problems, innovative methods of health service delivery, and redress of problems relating to recruitment and retention of health professionals are needed. The Collaboration's program is broad and covers the following areas:

  • Research capacity-building
  • Agricultural health and safety
  • Environmental health
  • Health services research
  • Mental health research
  • Remote health research
  • Translation of research into improved practice

The Australian Rural Health Research Collaboration offers a unique opportunity for researchers interested in public health research, environmental health research, health services research and occupational health and safety research, to pursue these interests in a diverse and challenging rural environment.

The rural communities range from growing costal communities to agricultural-based communities and remote communities with strong Aboriginal presence. Rural community organisation offers opportunity for real and firm research partnerships.

The Health Service partners are committed to supporting rural health research and share a concern for improving health and effectiveness of health services for the populations they serve. Researchers will be part of a world-class, multidisciplinary research and development team, with career opportunities in academic fields, health service or public health leadership.