Grant success 2008

Members of the School of Public Health and its constituent and affiliated centres continue to enjoy impressive success rates with grants and fellowships and 2008.

2008 grant successes are listed below.

NHMRC Project Grants - School of Public Health

  • A/Prof J Craig, Dr E Hodson, Prof D Lyle, Ms D Yarnold, Prof P Roy, Dr L Hayson.
    $1,568, 125
    Antecedents of Renal Disease in Aboriginal children and young adults - 12 year follow-up
  • Prof R Cumming, Prof D Le Couteur, Dr M Kennerson, Dr R de Cabo, Dr V Naganathan, Prof P Sambrook.
    Sirtuins and the molecular eipdemiology of frailty in older men.
  • A/Prof A Barratt, Prof M Tattersall, Dr L Askie, Mrs S Crossing, Prof P Butow, Prof D Currow, Mr K McGeechan.
    Cancer Trials Australia-OnLine: A tool for cancer patients to find open clinical trials and consider trial participation.
  • Dr P Clarke, Prof A Gray, Prof T Davis, Dr A Patel
    Development and validation of an Australian Diabetes Health Policy Simulation Model.

NHMRC Project Grants - affiliated with the School

  • [[b||Dr C Roberts Dr J Ford, Ass Prof J Simpson, Prof W Giles, Dr L Taylor, Ms C Raynes-Greenow.
    *through the Kolling Institute at Northern Clinical School*
    Identifying risk for second and subsequent pregnancies: a longitudinal record linkage study.
  • Prof G Gill, Dr N Wetzig, A/Prof O Ung, A/Prof M Bilous, Dr I Campbell, A/Prof J Collins, Dr W Hague, Ms A Kirby
    *through the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre*
    SNAC1: A randomised trial of sentinel node based management versus axillary clearnace for women with small breast cancers.
  • Dr N Wetzig, Dr I Campbell, Prof G Gill, A/Prof O Ung, A/Prof J Collins, A/Prof M Bilous, Dr W Hague, Ms A Kirby
    *through NHMRC Clinical trials centre*
    SNAC2: A randomised trial of extending sentinel node based management to women with larger or multifocal breast cancers.
  • Prof J Simes, A/Prof A Keech, A/Prof V Gebski, Dr M Stockler
    *through the NHMRC Clinical trials centre*
    Clinical trials advances for better health outcomes
  • Prof S Eades (Sax Institute), Prof P McIntyre, Prof K Oates, Dr J Daniels, Dr S Woolfenden
    *through the Faculty of Medicine*
    Ear health, hearing, speech and language development in urban Aboriginal children.
  • Prof A Smith, Prof M Pitts, Dr J Shelley, Dr J Richters, A/Prof J Simpson
    * through LaTrobe University*
    The Australian Logitudinal study of health and relationship
  • Prof C Anderson, Prof J Chalmers, Prof J Wang, Prof R Lindley
    *through the George Institute for International Health*
    INTERACT: a randomised trial of intensive blood pressure lowering in acute intracerebral haemorrhage
  • Dr M Hackett, Dr N Glozier, A/Pro S Jan, Prof R Lindley
    *through the George Institute for International Health*
    Psychosocial disability and return to work in younger stroke survivors
  • Dr F Turnbull, Dr V Perkovic, Dr F Barzi
    *through the George Institute for International Health*
    Blood pressure lowering in patients with chronic kidney disease: evidence from prospectively planned overview analyses

NHMRC Fellowships

  • Prof Paul Haber
    Practitioner Fellowship
  • Prof Craig Anderson
    Research Fellowship

NSW Cancer Council Project Grant

Dr L Trevena, Dr K McCaffery, A/Prof Alexandra Barratt, Dr J Leask, Dr J Brotherton, Dr T Dobbins
A randomised trial of a web-based toolkit for applying evidence in the general practice cervical cancer prevention visit -doing your homework on the evidence about cervical cancer prevention: a toolkit for young women
$245,500 over 3 years