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Ragg M. So, You're Having a Hip Replacement. Gore & Osment. 1995

Ragg M. The A to Z of Pregnancy and Childbirth. Doubleday. 1995

Peer Reviewed/Refereed Journal Articles

Adams MR, Nakagomi A, Keech A, Robinson J, McCredie R, Bailey BP, et al. Carotid intima-media thickness is only weakly correlated with the extent and severity of coronary artery disease. Circulation. 1995;92(8):2127-34

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Design, rational, and baseline characteristics of the Prospective Pravastatin Pooling (PPP) project--a combined analysis of three large-scale randomized trials: Long-term Intervention with Pravastatin in Ischemic Disease (LIPID), Cholesterol and Recurrent Events (CARE), and West of Scotland Coronary Prevention Study (WOSCOPS). Am J Cardiol. 1995;76(12):899-905

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Aspin C. Learning Mathematics in Maori. Set. Research Information for Teachers. 1995;1(5).

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