The CeMPED Shared Decision Making Hub started in 2002 as a small group of researchers who met regularly over a sandwich to discuss and share research projects about making evidence-based decisions. At that time there were three core groups working in this related field – researchers from the Screening and Test Evaluation Program (STEP) working on projects on informed screening decisions, researchers from the Royal Prince Alfred Department of Psycho-oncology working on informed cancer treatment decisions and researchers from the Centre for Perinatal Health Services Research working on informed decisions in childbirth.

The group consists of a unique mix of health practitioners, epidemiologists, psychologists, health economists and social science researchers. In 2014 the group has over 20 members and is also linked via an increasing number of national and international collaborations to hundreds of researchers across Australia and around the world. We also have a large email discussion network and host a number of workshops, meetings and seminars.

This website is designed help you get to know our group and our work. You can use it to find out about group members, group projects, group links with other researchers and group events. Importantly we hope it will be used to access the ever-increasing number of evidence-based resources that we have developed. We welcome your input and feedback.