Welcome to the Surgical Outcomes Research Centre

SOuRCe, established in 2002, is a conjoint multidisciplinary research unit of the Sydney Local health District and the University of Sydney.

This unit, with a focus on improving surgical outcomes, is the first of its kind in Australia and one of just a handful of such research units in the world, leading research in these areas:

  • the methodology of randomised controlled trials and alternate evaluative trial designs
  • outcomes assessment for surgical patients
  • health services research
  • economic analysis and quality of life studies in surgery.

The primary goal of SOuRCe is to promote an evidence-based approach to improving clinical practice and achieving the best possible outcomes for patients.

SOuRCe Triennial Report 2012 - 2015

SOuRCe Triennial Report 2012 - 2015

Attached for your perusal is our SOuRCe Triennial Report covering 2012-2015.

Our mission remains unchanged from when we formed in 2002 where we continue to operate as a multi-disciplinary academic research unit dedicated to the advancement of evidence-based surgical practice through the conduct of outcomes orientated research. SOuRCe’s research agenda is diverse with our research themes covering surgical effectiveness, health services research, health outcomes and quality of life, evidence-based practice and methodological studies. Details of our research program over the last three years can be found within the Report