STEP people

Chief Investigators

Prof Les Irwig, Personal Chair (Epidemiology)
Prof Glenn Salkeld, Professor (Health Economics)
Prof Jonathan Craig, Sub-Dean (Clinical Epidemiology)
Prof Paul Glasziou, Professor (Evidence-Based Medicine) at Bond University
Prof Petra Macaskill, Professor (Biostatistics)


Prof Jenny Doust, Professor (Clinical Epidemiology), Bond University
Prof Alex Barratt, Professor (Epidemiology)
Assoc Prof Kirsten Howard, Associate Professor (Health Economics)
Assoc Prof Kirsten McCaffery, Senior Research Fellow (Behavioural Science)
Assoc Prof Nehmat Houssami, Principal Research Fellow
Assoc Prof Clement Loy, Assoc Prof (Clinical Epidemiology)
Dr Allison Tong, Researcher (STEP)
Dr Gabrielle Williams, Researcher (STEP)
Dr Germaine Wong, Lecturer
Dr Jesse Jansen, Academic Research Psychologist
Dr Katy Bell, Honorary Senior Lecturer
Dr Kevin McGeechan, Lecturer (Biostatistics)
Dr Michelle Cunich, Lecturer (Health Economics)
Ms Michelle Irving, NHMRC Research Fellow
Dr Armando Teixeira-Pinto, Senior Research Fellow

STEP takes pride in extensive collaboration with other academics, clinicians and public health professionals within the University, across Australia and internationally, as will be evident from our publications list.