Domestic Students

Online application form and details

For all students - Domestic and International

All future students must first select a course, study program or research degree to apply for a place in that course or program. The online application process is managed by Sydney Student.

Your choice is between:

All applications are required to be submitted online.

Before submitting your application, please ensure that all parts of the online application form have been completed.

Commonwealth supported places for MPH and MIPH

If you’re awarded a CSP, the federal government funds a significant portion of your tuition so you only pay a small part of the fee set out by the university.

To be eligible for a Commonwealth Supported Place, you must:

  • be a citizen of Australia or New Zealand or
  • hold an Australian permanent resident visa or
  • hold an Australian permanent humanitarian visa.

To be considered for a CSP, please submit your application by the 15th November.

Submit an application today for the Master of Public Health or Master of International Public Health

It is important to remember that even if you are unable to secure a CSP, you can still commence your postgraduate studies.

If you meet the CSP eligibility requirements, and are successfully awarded a CSP based on academic merit, you will be advised at the time of offer.

If you have any questions about Commonwealth Supported Places, please contact the or Sydney Medical School on 02 9351 3132.

Scholarships for Clinical Epidemiology

The University of Sydney will be offering limited number of scholarships for students enrolling in the Master of Clinical Epidemiology.

If interested, please submit an application for enrolment and indicate your interest in the application.
These scholarships are only open to local students.

Documentation and attachments

The School bases its criteria for acceptance into its programs on academic qualifications, work experience and current employment; entry is competitive, and all entries are ranked. As such, your application form for admission to a coursework program in the Sydney School of Public Health should be accompanied with the documentation shown below. Please note there are additional requirements for Biostatistics coursework programs (see below).

1. Curriculum Vitae - CV

This is particularly important if there is any possibility of doubt about your eligibility. In your CV you are advised to provide sufficient details about the following:

Personal information:

  • as listed in the online application form

Academic qualifications:

  • highlight aspects relevant to public health/clinical epidemiology
  • provide academic transcripts to show grades
  • if your qualification is from an overseas institution, provide any evidence you might have of its assessment relative to local qualification

Work experience:

  • highlight experience relevant to public health/clinical epidemiology - give sufficient details of the nature of the work involved, including a list of positions held (indicating the number of years you were involved and the level of responsibility held) and a brief statement of the duties involved (if these are not apparent from the occupation title)
  • list any publications and indicate your role in the work reported

Note that work experience is considered during the acceptance process and is particularly important for candidates who have not completed a minimum four-year full-time course leading to a recognised university degree (see entry requirements).

2. Academic Transcripts

You must provide originals of your degree(s)/diploma(s) and your academic records - except any qualifications obtained through the University of Sydney, unless they have been obtained through Cumberland Campus. You can provide copies of your academic transcripts provided they have been certified by:

  • the awarding institution(s), OR
  • a Justice of the Peace (JP), OR
  • the Sydney Medical School Student Services Office

If your qualifications have been obtained from universities or institutions other than the University of Sydney, your application will only be processed with an attached transcript of your complete academic record - all courses taken and all results obtained - see also Overseas qualifications information.

Original transcripts will be copied and certified at the University and returned to you. Uncertified photocopies of academic transcripts, or testamurs or diplomas alone, are insufficient evidence of eligibility for enrolment.

3. Proof of Citizenship

You must provide original evidence of Australian citizenship or Australian permanent residency status - that is, original or certified copies (by a JP or the Student Office) - of your birth certificate or passport. If you do not have Australian citizenship or permanent residency status you must apply as an international student through the International Office.

4. Explanatory letter (optional)

If desired, you may include an explanatory letter outlining why you are applying for the course.

For Clinical Epidemiology applicants, a brief explanatory letter outlining why you are applying for the course is a mandatory attachment.

Credits and Exemptions

An exemption or credit for a compulsory unit of study may be granted if the candidate is able to show that they have recently attained at least the same standard in another degree. You may be required to pass a challenge examination.

Requests for exemptions or credits should be made at the course application process.

Subsequent requests for credits should be made via the Sydney Student Portal.

Exemptions or credits for elective units of study are only considered if special circumstances apply.

Biostatistics coursework programs

Complete your application online.

In addition to the required attachments and documentation - all applications for Biostatistics coursework programs must also include:

Overseas qualifications

If your qualifications are not from an institution previously recognised by the University of Sydney, or are not easily determined to be equivalent to a four year full-time university degree, processing of your application may be delayed pending a decision on your eligibility by a special University committee established for this purpose.

If your qualifications were obtained from a University or other institution where the language of instruction was other than English, you must provide evidence of English proficiency. The Graduate Studies Committee has recently determined that only the following English tests are acceptable for graduate entry:

  • IELTS with a minimum score of 6.5 and a minimum of 6.0 for each band or
  • CULT with a minimum score of 70% or
  • TOEFL with a minimum score of 600 and TWE with a minimum score of 4.5

If your degree is from a non-English speaking country but your instruction was in English you should provide us with a statement and evidence to that effect.