Application procedures

Application process

All future students must first select a course, study program or research degree to apply for a place in that course or program.

All applications are required to be submitted online.

Your choice is between research degrees, coursework programs or non-award professional development short courses.

Before submitting your application, please ensure that all parts of the online application form have been completed.

Requirements for your CV including documenting overseas qualifications are detailed on the domestic students and international students pages.

Research Degrees

Before you apply for a research degree you must:

  • find a research topic and a supervisor to oversee your research
  • write a research proposal and then
  • submit your application online

Further details, including links to resources, are on the Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Philosophy pages.

Coursework programs

Explore our coursework study guides in Choose a study program.

Apply now using the following links:

Area Courses Available
Public Health
  • Master of Public Health (Professional Practice)
  • Master of Public Health
  • Graduate Diploma in Public Health
International Public Health
  • Master of International Public Health
Clinical Epidemiology
  • Master of Science in Medicine (Clinical Epidemiology)
  • Master of Medicine (Clinical Epidemiology)
  • Graduate Diploma in Clinical Epidemiology
  • Graduate Certificate in Clinical Epidemiology
  • Master of Biostatistics
  • Graduate Diploma in Biostatistics
  • Graduate Certificate in Biostatistics
Health Communication
  • Master of Health Communication
  • Graduate Diploma in Health Communication
  • Graduate Certificate in Health Communication
Health Policy
  • Master of Health Policy
  • Graduate Diploma in Health Policy
  • Graduate Certificate in Health Policy
Qualitative Health Research
  • Master of Qualitative Health Research
  • Graduate Diploma in Qualitative Health Research
  • Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Health Research
  • Master of Bioethics
  • Graduate Diploma in Bioethics
  • Graduate Certificate in Bioethics
Indigenous Health Promotion
  • Graduate Diploma in Indigenous Health Promotion

Professional development / Short course applications

Professional development courses can be taken as non-award units or may count towards a study program depending on the unit of study and your application.

Go to the Professional development - short courses page for details.